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The DAM, Creative Work, and Content Operations Trends Driving Us Into the Future

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A month ago at the Widen Summit®, we revealed how your feedback and aspirations have shaped the future of DAM. We also showed how the most important trends in content, creative operations, and data have informed our product roadmap. If you missed the Summit, don’t worry: below, you can find out how we’re evolving Widen’s Software-as-a-Service experience to help your brand reach its highest potential.

Power to the people

75% of Widen Collective® administrators tell us they spend less than 20% of their time on DAM and content management. That’s why we’ve invested more in DAM consulting and professional services that can compliment you and your teams. While you focus on growing your brand, we’ll provide the essential services to keep your DAM system in top shape.

The machine age

AI, machine learning, and image recognition are all the rage in DAM and marketing technology. Many of you have asked us about them. We’re on it. We’ve worked with customers to qualify the value and set up the right structured content strategies for AI. Check out Widen’s image recognition integrations in our Widen Collective v12 blog. We can help you choose the right services for your brand.

Global presence

We live and work in a global economy. Your content management and distribution needs are global too. That’s why we’ve been talking with you about how we can better support your needs in the U.S. and abroad. Widen is going global, starting with a service and support office in London. We’ll open offices in other key regions to support your teams around the world.


Widen strives to be the ‘central source of truth’ for all your content systems. That’s why we ask about your favorite tools and integrate with them. In our annual marketing technology survey, you told us that creative tools, web content management, and marketing automation software are the most important to connect with DAM. Today, four in five customers use Widen integrations with these systems and others.

Raising the bar on value

Widen customers told us why they value the Widen Collective in our DAM value survey. It’s about more than traditional media management. Widen customers rely on us to manage their brand, market and launch their products, and power their content and creative operations. In 2018, we’re expanding the Widen Collective to offer new solutions and integrations in each of these areas:

  • Brand management solutions to manage critical brand assets across all functions of your organization.
  • Product content management solutions to collaborate and ideate with internal teams on content creation so you can market and launch your products.
  • Content and creative operations solutions to manage the flow of content and communications for multi-channel publishing.


Widen customers rely on Insights content analytics to increase the quality of their content and customer experiences. We show how, when, and where digital assets are being used. We’re evolving Insights to reveal the true ROI of your content and technology decisions.


Widen customers have been using our new creative workflow management tools to drive productivity across marketing and creative operations. Put simply, we want to help you fully utilize your team’s talents, accelerate proofing, and uncomplicate work management. Taking creative work from idea to DAM has never been easier.


One in three Widen customers relies on our APIs to boost digital transformation, reach new customer segments, and improve revenue streams. The top types of software integrations include content management, product information, product content, product lifecycle management, and marketing resource management systems. Customers are most commonly integrating with tools like Drupal, Sitecore, Hybris, Salsify, and others. What will be your next integration?


Widen’s new functionality is only useful if you enjoy using it. Widen customers told us in our most recent customer satisfaction survey that usability is the most important driver of satisfaction with B2B technology. Widen customers can take part in shaping the user experience of our products with regular surveys, usability studies, and early release feedback programs. Talk to your Widen Advisor or CSM to get involved in our UX research.

Explore new trails

As you explore new trails with Widen, know that we are on this journey together. We share the roadmap so you can see how we plan to help you achieve your highest potential. We encourage you to share your feedback and goals. We’ll continue to listen – and take action.

Contact us to discuss any of the themes addressed in this post or to get a closer look at our roadmap.

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