The Format War: How You May Be Losing The Battle

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I recently purchased a personal camcorder for my
honeymoon.  My wife and I decided to go
to the Caribbean and I wanted to capture the
highlights our first trip together.  I
did my due diligence, researching all of the ins and outs of various camcorder
capabilities, and eventually went to Best Buy to make my purchase.  I got the batteries charged and off we
went.  The camera worked great throughout
the trip, but I discovered a huge problem when we got home; the camcorder
wasn’t compatible with my Apple computer at home.

It confused me as to how this could even be a problem.  I knew it was a potential issue, but all I
was asking was for was the camera to upload footage to what has become the most
popular platform for consumer video editing. 
I started to think even more and it made me realize that this may not
just be a consumer issue, but also a problem that video editors and marketing
departments face every day when trying to work with their video materials.

How difficult can it really be to convert the video quickly
to another format so that one of your possible prospects can view it?  With thousands of possible video codecs and
formats, it can be very difficult, and possibly expensive.  The different conversion programs can take
significant amounts of time to actually convert the video (many convert in real
time) and some are also quite expensive.

I was now thinking that my best option was probably just to
take my camera to work.  It suddenly
occurred to me why our Video Asset Management application has been making such
a splash with video-centric clients as well as other marketing departments that
just needed to work with their marketing videos.  Everyone wants to use video, whether it’s for
video white papers, customer testimonials or video product tours.  It’s become the mark of industry conscious
marketers, and those that don’t have the capability, want it.

Our application allows you to import video in nearly any
format and then with the help of Rhozet Carbon coder, we can convert that video
on the fly to wherever it needs to go. 
Whether it’s to your personal desktop or to a client, the video will
always arrive in the appropriate format without having to worry about delays from
your media department or conversion programs.

In the end I was able to use our system to upload the
footage and deliver it directly to my desktop at home in the appropriate
format.  I was able to save all of the
footage that I had started to think was taken in vain.  The conversions happened in a flash and I couldn’t
be happier with the finished product, now all I have to do is make sure my boss
doesn’t get curious as to why I keep bringing my video camera at work…

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