The race to find the best digital asset management partner

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DogsledBusinesses used to want to be everything to everyone. The need to specialize ebbed and flowed when you could acquire all the products and services necessary to meet the needs of your target market. But as global markets merge and competition reaches new heights, it’s become essential for organizations to focus on and replicate the things they do best. There’s no time to master everything, and ultimately, no need to serve everyone.
In recent months, Widen has been approached by a number of organizations across a range of industries – software technology, content publishing, project management, marketing – who specialize in a single offering. They’re good at what they do, and often times, are the best. But their audiences are looking for a service beyond the single offering; a competency outside their comfort zone and capability. They’re asking for digital asset management (DAM). And so the race begins, with these organizations chomping at the bit, to find the best DAM partner. 
At Widen, we don’t try to be more than we are. We know how to do DAM so well that it’s the focal point of all our innovations. Our approach is to partner with complementary technologies and solutions, that are also best in breed, in order to deliver the best experience to our customers. 
So what does being the “best DAM partner” mean? 
1. A common business goal and philosophy
DAM is a core piece of the business puzzle now, not a one-off project that will get forgiveness if done incorrectly. It has a seat at the big table and delivers returns that tie directly back to branding/marketing and operational efficiency. The best DAM partner for you will share similar objectives for growth, R&D, and culture. There should be good mojo about shared values, thinking and selling approach.
2. An expert who builds confidence
You want to sleep at night knowing you’ve partnered with a provider who has expertise and a strong track record; someone who’s in it for the long haul and understands the end benefit of shared value, as well as shared revenue. The best DAM partner will make you feel more confident about your business because you’re working with them. Expertise means being visible in the marketplace, having a POV on DAM and sharing openly about what they know. It means contributing to the greater good of the market. When the market is strong, everyone wins and partnerships can thrive.
3. A DAM provider, worthy of your trust
More and more companies are being asked to provide a DAM solution in RFPs (even if it isn’t spelled out that way) and they don’t want to waste the time or money build a DAM solution themselves. They want to align with one DAM provider who they can trust completely as the additional resource instead. This provider needs to show proven success and be transparent in all conversations. Trust takes time and so do the best partnerships.
4. A good listener who goes beyond “Here’s our API”
The best partner will not just direct you to their API and end the discussion. They will listen to your needs and learn. They will engage and educate you about DAM with no strings attached. They will work to develop collaborative resources together. While an API is essential to a technology integration, it’s a tool of communication between two systems, not an allegiance between two businesses. 
Finding the best DAM partner for your business is a lot like finding the best DAM solution. It’s all  about the fit. So the partner proposition is less about referral fees and commissions and more about how central the right DAM provider is to an organization’s success.  
To learn more about being a Widen DAM partner, contact Nina Brakel-Schutt at And to learn more about our DAM expertise, get in touch with our advisors.

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