The Role of Video in Today's Marketing Efforts

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My first day at Widen was full of tours, explanations of general operations, and general information. Day two started the training process. Now it was time for me to start learning exactly what Widen did. The first thing handed to me was a 15 page document. This document was a case study of how Widen revolutionized how this client created, managed and distributed their digital assets. It was an amazing document, and I learned a great deal, but man was it long. It took me almost an hour to read. It detailed our unique selling position, which was imperative for use to “broadcast” in our marketing efforts. But the last time I checked, the majority of potential clients researching Widen are not ready to give a “War and Peace” effort to learning about our products. I knew we needed something different.

Enter the “Video Case Study.” That same client graciously accepted our invitation to be interviewed on camera for a customer testimonial. In a conversational, interview setting, we asked him a number of questions and let him talk freely about how he felt about Widen and our services. The answers he gave were similar, if not identical to the answers given in the 15 page document, but there are a couple key differences.

Editing! We were able to edit the interview down to small, manageable segments. Yes, I know you can edit text, but an image is worth a thousand words. The math-geek in me then starts to think….there are 1000 words in a picture, there are 30 pictures (frames) per second in video…that is 30,000 words per minute...1.8 million words per hour...Yeah, I’d much rather just watch the video.

Senses! It is a proven fact that the more human senses you stimulate, the better the chance of someone remembering. Video is a visual and audible (Hey, turn on your speakers!) medium. Remember that we have shortened the information down into a quick video. We have now succeeded in packing all of the information in a shorter time, and made it effortless for someone to acquire. It is safe to assume that most people would much rather be presented a solution than to have to read up on it.

Believable! We cannot put a value on the “believability factor.” It is one thing to read about what a client has said, it is completely different to actually watch them and hear them say it….to see and feel their emotion. References are probably one of the most important tools in making a buying decision, yet so many companies do not follow through on calling them. Now we can broadcast our references.

Good thing we have a Digital Asset Management System to manage all these videos…

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