The Season of Giving Thanks: An Ode to SaaS

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A special thank you to software-as-a-service models,
Because of you our systems don’t require my coddles.

All those servers and software were always such a pain,
To be relieved of that responsibility will help keep me sane.

Limited simultaneous users and no help desk support,
What the hell was I thinking; I may have been liable for tort.

The tort was not related to a physical injury sustained,
It was the crime to our internal society that was the blame.

Thank you to SaaS and the delivery you have created,
Never again will an I.T. project for marketing be internally slated.

Especially for the management of digital media files,
Internal I.T. teams don’t grasp it; they have been chasing images and videos for miles.

This is what digital asset management systems are created to do,
But caution: installed providers of DAM are not your lucky horseshoe.

The installed picture looks rosy but remember these software cultures,
Profit based on license revenue makes them act like vultures.

SaaS cultures believe that service and technology should be treated the same,
No separation of these leads to a customer experience that is worthy to exclaim.

Accountability for these decisions should include more than I.T.,
Installed software solutions are the ones charging an exorbitant fee.

What are those fees for, did you ever wonder?
In summary, it is a several hundred thousand dollar blunder.

Think of SaaS as the bailout plan for I.T. corporate installation,
Tell the creatives and marketers to flock to the software-as-a-service nation.

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