The Shocking News of SaaS – Upgrades

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Guest blog post from Sean Banahan, Widen Area Sales Director

I wanted to share an experience I recently had while presenting Widen’s suite of web-based digital asset management solutions to a group of prospective customers.  I was asked how, and how often, Widen updated our system each year.  In a rush of excitement I described how Widen’s release schedule calls for four releases each year, two of which are major product version updates.  I was just saying how this feat was unparalleled in the content management industry when I noticed how quiet the room got.  One of the people sitting closest spoke up to explain why I could hear crickets all of a sudden.  It was explained how they saw our release schedule not as a plus, but as a real concern and liability. 

Their IT department and resources were very limited and adapting to numerous product releases wasn’t possible, especially for a software product that was not their desperately needed and coddled CRM or ERP systems, which is where the IT group focused all of their time.   It probably shouldn’t have surprised me to be reminded of how some people view the software that they purchase as a troll under the bridge, but it did.  This group had experienced how difficult it is to maintain software against required databases, application servers, hardware and everything else.  When one changes, the whole system sways like a Jenga tower.  With no army of IT personnel to hold the tower up, they were worried it would topple. 

Jenga blocks

This concern is addressed by the most core advantage of the software-as-a-service model.  You don’t have to worry about it.  Widen provides so many upgrades a year because we can.  It’s our software and each product update is carried out by us and provided seamlessly to the customer.  You don’t need to care what database version is supported or how many CPUs your application server license permits.  We worry about those things.  Your creative teams shouldn’t have to worry about becoming an IT powerhouse to get digital asset management tools in the front door.  Leave it up to professionals.  I drive a car every single day and couldn’t tune an engine and can barely change a tire. 

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