The Two R's - Recession and Reallocation

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It’s on the news.  It’s in the papers.  You can’t escape it.  Recession.  Financial woes.  No money to spend.  What to do?

It's comforting to work for a company that actually HELPS other companies during financial stressful times like these.  We aren’t bill collectors.  We aren’t miracle workers.  We just happen to have something that most companies need especially during belt tightening times.  Widen Enterprises provides marketing departments, creatives, communications and others with a way to manage their digital files whether it's images, logos, or videos with a cost effective digital asset management solution.  You might say, “We don’t have any money in the budget right now for asset management software.”  And we understand that.

How do you fix this dilemma?  Reallocation.  Spend what you do have elsewhere.  And not only that… reallocate your resources to something that has a return on investment within a matter of months!  Really?  Yes!  All of our 72 software as service clients using our various software applications realize a return on investment in 12 months or less!!  Seriously!  How many other things can you spend money on and realize this same ROI?

Spend money where it will make the biggest impact!  The Widen Media Collective is a software as a service application that pays for itself.  Eliminate redundancy.  Reduce process time.  All while centralizing your marketing assets and making them easily accessible to those who need them.  Plus, by having an online digital asset management application – you save money by not having to burn CDs and overnight them - plus there are zero costs associated with additional hardware or infrastructure.

Enhance your brand when you need to the most.  You can't stop marketing... can you?

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