The value of keeping “historical” images and other old assets in a DAM system

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Use digital asset management to archive old photosThe fact that a digital asset isn’t being used doesn’t mean that it can’t be later. In other words, you should avoid taking a short-sighted approach to understanding the value of any given digital asset.

Historical assets, in particular, are often discarded or left out of digital image libraries due to their supposed lack of value (i.e. the fact that they haven’t been used in a long time). These can be just about any assets: product photos, staff headshots, old marketing collateral, and other materials. No matter how dated an asset is, you should always give serious thought to storing and managing it in your DAM system. It’s been our experience that organizations almost always reach a point where they need old historical assets, and it’s not uncommon for those campaigns and asset searches to become terrible headaches. Here are a couple of examples:

Alumni and employee photos — In the case of universities, metadata should be applied to any and every photo of students to facilitate finding images. You never know when you’ll need those images (to celebrate a member of your organization or supply photos to the press), but when you do, you’ll want them to be as easy to find as possible.

Preserve image quality — It may seem like it was ages ago, but it hasn’t been very long since image capture became predominantly digital. Many companies, universities, and other organizations still have archives of negatives and prints. Some of these may end up being very useful but are subject to the inevitable effects of time. To avoid losing your images to the slow effects of sunlight, acids and other factors (like floods, for instance), you should digitize them and store then in a DAM system.

At the end of the day, no matter how many analysts and programs are involved in the process, it's impossible to predict exactly where a company is headed or know the true potential value of certain assets. Instead of taking a chance on images that could increase in value, include them in a corporate image library and preserve their value  with digital asset management tools.

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