The Widen digital asset manager series: Being a Widen DAMster with Michel Bryson of Mercury Marine

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Michel is the Associate Manager of Global Branding at Mercury Marine. Here’s a look at her work space!

Michel Bryson of Mercury Marine

1. How long have you been a Widen user?
Mercury Marine has been using Widen since September, 2011.

2. How often do you use the Media Collective?
As a global administrator, I rely heavily on the DAM system.  I manage users, maintain assets, edit metadata – aside from locating and sharing assets. I would estimate that I spend one to two hours each day actively working in the Media Collective.

3. In what area(s) of your organization is Widen’s DAM system being used?
Our DAM is used primarily by Marketing and Sales team members – but is used by them around the world. It’s used by other areas as well, but most are in Marketing or Sales roles.

4. For what kinds of activities are you using it?
Sales team members use it for helping customers with logos and photos, or for internal projects. We also have our internal training materials on the DAM as well, to make them easy to find.
Marketing team members use the DAM system to share concepts and leverage ideas. Many times, a marketing piece built in one region is modified and used in another.

5. How do your users use the Collective?
The Mercury Marine Collective is open at various restrictions to the general public, direct customers and employees / partners. Each user group has different needs and uses for the DAM system.

6. What is the most useful thing the Media Collective does for you?
It helps us manage trafficking of assets, which saves my team countless hours of emailing images and logos. But the best, albeit unexpected, side effect of DAM has been the collaboration among our global regions. The U.S. will upload a product brochure, and in a matter of weeks Europe will upload their regionalized versions, in more than a dozen different languages. Before we had the Media Collective, that never would be have been so easy or quick. Each region would create their own materials independently, with their own style. Mercury established new brand standards in 2012; those brand standards and the DAM system have made a huge difference in the Mercury brand consistency around the world.
7. What are your favorite apps on your smart phone?
This time of year (late winter / early spring), MLB At Bat. But, as a Cubs fan, that changes around August ;-) Slacker radio during the off-season.

8. Which tech websites or blogs do you follow?
I don’t follow many tech blogs, but so subscribe to a few marketing email newsletters – ClickZ Today, IAB Smartbrief

9. What do you think is the most important thing other users should know about using a digital asset management system?!

For admins – make your metadata do the work for you. Use your reports and analytics to find how users are searching within your DAM. Review the assets and types that are being uploaded, and make metadata changes to accommodate. As an example, we have studio photography and boating photography. As the number of photos on the DAM grew, it became apparent that we need to have not only Image Types but also Water Type (fresh or salt).

For users – let your admins know how you’re searching. If you’re typing in words or phrases that you know should work, but no results come up, tell your admin. We do our best to think of everything, but sometimes you may refer to something differently than we do.

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