The Widen partnership series: Being a Widen partner — with Richard Whitehead and Scott McCleskey of AtTask

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Widen Partners with AtTaskWe talked with one of our integration partners, AtTask, recently to find out what being a Widen partner means to them.  Of course, they’re more than just a solution that Widen integrates with, their team works directly with our team to help deliver a great customer experience.  Plus, they’re great people!

Here’s what Richard Whitehead, GTM Director, Marketing Solutions Group, and Scott McCleskey, Partner Manager, Marketing Solutions Group, had to say about working with Widen.

1. Tell me about your business — what does AtTask do and what are your roles in making things happen?
AtTask solves the chaos of marketing work.  We understand that marketing workflow can be chaotic in that there is a flood of requests and deadlines to meet and things distracting creative teams from getting their work done.  AtTask helps eliminate that marketing work chaos by providing a solution where everyone has insight into the marketing organization’s work so projects and tasks are easily resourced and done on time, with quality.

Richard Whitehead:  I’m the Go-To-Market (GTM) Director for AtTask’s Marketing Solutions Group.  My team builds the strategy that enables the rest of the organization to successfully market and sell our marketing solutions and enables our customers to be successful with our solution.

Scott McCleskey:  I’m the Partner Manager for the Marketing Solutions Group.  Our team’s role is to help partners lift their business by working with AtTask.  To support the partner ecosystem, AtTask wants to make sure it’s a win-win-win for everyone involved: partners and their customers, and AtTask.

2. How long have you been a Widen partner?
We talked for some time, but things became official in January of 2014, so almost a year now. 

3. How did you learn about Widen and why did you want to partner with us?
We love Madison, Wisconsin!

We understand that as part of providing a world-class solution to our customers, one of the key things they need is to store and manage their assets.  DAM is not only an important piece of what they need, but a critical component of planning, managing and creating, and delivering brilliant creative work.  

We recognized Widen as one of the leaders in this space because they are a world-class SaaS vendor, a solution our customers would recognize and, ultimately, have success with.

What does that success look like? 
It’s simple, really.  Customer success = Partner success.  Happy successful customers = Happy successful partnerships.  Everyone wins.

We’re on the path to that right now.  Each of us is able to confidently refer each other to our customer base.  Where there’s a need for DAM and marketing work management, we can confidently bring Widen and AtTask to those conversations.  The goal is to have a partnership where we build each other’s trust, and lift each other’s business.  

Great technology competencies are traded back and forth too, and the real value can be easily communicated by each of the teams.  When that happens, really great opportunities are going back and forth and our radars are focused on the right opportunities because we can communicate that value straight up.

4. How is your business connected to DAM and other marketing technologies? 
Holistically, throughout our partner ecosystem, AtTask has been a Marketing Work Management solution that provides creative teams and agencies with a single source of truth across the entire lifecycle of work.  At the end of the day, AtTask provides visibility into the marketing work that’s getting done from the C-suite down.  

For example: we recently had a client whose CMO, at a board meeting, was asked how his marketing organization was adding value to the company’s results.  That CMO confidently slid his iPad across the boardroom table to the chairman and showed him at-a-glance, via his AtTask dashboard, exactly what his marketing organization was contributing to the company’s performance.  The chairman was impressed and responded to the rest of the execs around the table, “Where are all your iPads?”  

That’s powerful performance and visibility that brings results and confidence!  And yes, the other execs at that table are rushing to acquire AtTask for their departments.  

Finally, how do we make cross-solution, enterprise work management so seamless?  It’s through our APIs.  We’re focused on building out our APIs so it’s easy to integrate any part of a system into AtTask; just like we’ve done with the Widen Media Collective.

5. What are the biggest benefits of being a Widen partner?  Are you realizing those benefits? 
From a marketing and technology perspective and the product side, it’s a priority that we have a partner who has the same vision.  Widen and AtTask do.  

We want a partner that’s culturally similar — one with desires to make our customers happy and successful, a solution that’s world-class, and can help dominate this market.  These make for a very good partnership with Widen.  We love the openness.  

We want to do it right.  We don’t know everything and the marketing always evolves, but it’s nice to have smart flexible partners to work with and Widen epitomizes that.  We work with your sales team and everyone wants to get it right for the customer overall.  Without that, it wouldn’t be a partnership.

6. If another business asked you about partnering with Widen, what would you tell them about your experience working with Widen so far?
That Widen is absolutely a great partner — one you can trust to provide the solution that you need.  You’re proactive and extremely honest and professional.  That fits in our partner ecosystem perfectly.  You aren’t a black hole, its not all about you.  Your communication is phenomenal, really.  You want a partner that’s an extension of the same company, almost as if you report to the same people.  You truly try to make it a partnership and we feel like we have that with Widen.

When we look for partners, we’re looking for: 

  • first, Domain Experts in the space (you’re definitely that in DAM SaaS); 
  • second, a trusted, local advisor for customers with recommendations (and Widen is);
  • third, sales and marketing efforts to compliment each other — you can reach those we can’t and vice versa; 
  • and fourth, a partner who is a Force Multiplier, which is about the credibility of the partner.  


In addition to being an innovator and easy to work with, Widen fits all these criteria.

To learn more about Widen, visit us at

And if you’re looking to partner with Widen, tell us how you think we can work together!

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