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There’s More to Life Than File Conversions with DAM Software

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Repurposil: Because there's more to life than file conversions (digital asset management software)In case you missed it, we recently put together an ad campaign for a drug called Repurposil. One of the taglines we’re using is “There’s more to life than file conversions”. Not only does this fit well with our plays on the “feel-good” statements used in pharmaceutical marketing campaigns that attempt to foster hope in people suffering from whatever the target market is suffering from, but it also hits on benefits of using DAM software. 

Take a look at the spoof ad on the left and check out lots of other Repurposil assets at DAMsystem.com.
Of course, DAM should do much more than convert files. If the software only accomplished that, it couldn’t be called digital asset management. The side effects mentioned in our Repurposil campaign hint at the other things DAM systems are capable of:
  • Deficiency of CD-Rs: The vast, cloud-based storage that comes with using SaaS DAM systems eliminates the need for putting your corporate image library onto CD-Rs or other risky storage media. They can become corrupted, get lost, or take physical damage that makes them unreadable. Even if they’re easy to find and in good shape, finding data on them can be difficult and time consuming.
  • Budget Tightness Relief: Now that’s a side effect any company would love to have! The increased productivity that comes from using cloud-based DAM systems results in higher revenue and a bigger, more comfortable budget.
  • Rapid onset of ROI: You get a quick boost in marketing asset ROI with DAM software because of the increased control over digital assets and boost in productivity.
  • Sped up marketing metabolism: From production to distribution, the marketing process goes into high gear due to the huge increase in efficiency that comes with using digital asset management tools.
  • Empowered Marketing Partners: DAM empowers marketing partners because it helps a company use its assets to their fullest potential without sacrificing brand consistency.
  • Multi-Channel Alignment: The control over assets afforded by a good DAM system ensures that all users are on the same page and have easy access to appropriate assets at all times.
Repurposil is “more than just file conversions” because it helps you live life to the fullest. A good DAM system ensures that assets’ full potential is at your fingertips by making them easy to categorize, find, and quickly use in the right marketing and selling situations.

See why DAM is so much more than just file conversions by signing up for your free user account at DAMsystem.com.

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