They're Like Pictures, Except They Move

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In the past, text-based materials dominated sales and marketing collateral.  With the eventual inclusion of images into these materials, multi-media representations of both brands and products started heading in a new direction.  While images have been present for quite some time now, the simplified operation and enhanced quality of video has brought it to the forefront of the marketers arsenal.

Videos are now regularly used for projects like new customer acquisition, loyalty programs and sales support.  While all of these functions are vital to various departments, an overall effect has been the socializing of both companies and products.  When you stop and think about viral videos that have been viewed millions of times online, you are essentially reaching an audience similar in size to purchasing national commercial time, but for only a fraction of the cost.

The "Will It Blend" videos as well as Smirnoff’s "Tea Partay" are both great examples of corporations using video in a new way.  The humor and creativity involved in both of these campaigns has put a more customer friendly face on their products.  While most people had never even heard of Blendtec before seeing "Will It Blend", their home and industrial blenders are now familiar to millions of people.

While video isn’t the only new method for reaching large audiences, it is proving to be one of the most effective.  People enjoy seeing a comedic representation of products or services they are familiar with and it never hurts to have something the help you waste a little time over your lunch hour before diving back in to the next task.

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