Tips For Managing a Corporate Image Library

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The marketing needs of corporations tend to be much more extensive and complicated than non-corporate businesses. The varied departments, companies, and economic interests accumulate such a wide variety and large number of digital assets in such a short amount of time that their management becomes a challenging matter. Maintaining and updating assets in a highly organized corporate image library is paramount to keep things running smoothly in marketing and sales environments. Of course if you aren’t using some sort of digital asset management solution then this is certainly the first step to take (and as soon as possible). Once the right DAM software strategy has been determined, then the following three measures can be taken to facilitate management of a digital asset library:

Gather and Use Metadata – This basic means of organizing data is a major first step to take for proper management of digital assets. Metadata refers to tagging videos, digital images, and other assets with any number of descriptions, keywords and specifications that facilitate finding them when searching the asset library. Tags should be relevant, easily searchable, and should come from a limited pool of predetermined vocabulary. Metadata models can vary by company and industry, but some examples of frequently used metadata fields may be creator, creation date, region, marketing campaign, product, division, etc. Other critical DAM asset management criteria include using release and expiration dates. It should also be emphasized that no matter how good your DAM is, it probably won’t be able to function at full capacity nor as efficiently until this first step is taken to organize assets.

Tips for Managing a Corporate Image LibrarySet up User Roles and Permissions – Centralized control of digital assets is one of the main benefits of having a DAM system and is especially important for corporations that make use of a large number of assets. However, having a central repository is only half the battle. Determining and setting up various levels of user access via roles and permissions should be done sooner rather than later to avoid problems related to brand control and consistency. Using appropriate roles and permissions structures, DAM tools can empower agency partners to upload and tag assets while providing downstream access for sales channels and marketing partners to extend the value of your brand assets. 

Leverage Software as a Service – It’s important to have service teams in place for user training and support to foster greater user adoption of your DAM system. Leveraging the expertise and resources of a DAM SaaS provider can make this easier on your organization as managing a large library of digital assets can be daunting (if not impossible) for just one person. With Software as a Service, the vendor helps you learn how to use your new DAM system by providing project managers to assist with the implementation and training for all levels of users, in addition to other benefits of leveraging the IT resources of a cloud DAM hosted provider. A SaaS DAM provider becomes a partner because they want to make sure that you are truly getting more from your digital assets and will do what they can to help you easily manage a library of assets no matter how large and complicated it is.

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