Tips for Naming Your Digital Asset Management System

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Tips for naming your digital asset management system

Names are a big deal with marketing and creative groups; especially when it comes to the everyday business systems and applications you depend on to do your job. Choosing a name for your digital asset management system is key to a successful deployment in building user adoption internally and externally. Not all users of your DAM system will understand what “Digital Asset Management” is, so it’s common to choose a different, more identifiable name. This post will help you understand how to go about naming your digital asset management tool and provide some helpful ways of building a short list of possible names.

We asked Brooke Emley, DAM Pro, about naming a DAM system:

Choosing a DAM name is tricky but fun. The key is to know the users, the mission of the DAM system and the company culture. If the company is modern or in a creative field, it’s effective to go with a short name that is inspired by the company’s history, products or industry. If the DAM will be accessed by many external users, is in a highly regulated field or exists in a formal, corporate environment, go with a name that is easily understandable.

Best practices in naming your Digital Asset Management System: 

Choose a name that fits your organization or brand(s) mission.  Your DAM system should align with what your organization stands for. For example, using “archive” in your DAM’s name associates your DAM primarily with preserving the past. Whereas using “hub” in your DAM’s name associates your DAM with more active contribution and distribution of assets.

Choose a name that meets brand standards – Your DAM system plays a vital role in maintaining a quality brand. Your DAM system name shouldn’t be an exception.

Choose a name that embraces your company culture –  Your DAM system should feel like a natural extension to your coworkers’ workspace. Will referring to your DAM system by name in meetings or during a coffee break feel natural?

Choose a name that fits the department or functional area leading the project* – e.g. marketing communications, creative, public relations, sales, etc..
Choose a name that fits the primary group(s) of users of the system* – internal or external – e.g. marketing partners, sales channels, dealers, etc..
Choose a name that fits the types of assets that are most common* – e.g. images, photos, videos, and marketing materials. If it’s all of the above, use a more general term such as media or brand assets.

*Choose a name that will last – Shoot for longevity for your DAM system’s name. To do this, focus on the value of your DAM more than temporary trends. Be cautious when using specific department influences in your DAM system’s name as you want to encourage everyone to treat the DAM as the central source of truth. And be aware that as digital communication evolves, the primary assets your company creates and uses may evolve.

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Quick Tips – Be Creative, Realistic, Memorable and Simple:

Be Creative – Names that are catchy and fun are easier to remember.
Be Realistic – Names that fit the purpose of the system set clear expectations.
Be Memorable – Names that are easy to remember improve frequency of use.
Be Simple – KISS. (You all know what that means...) Confusion turns users away.

Two and three word combinations work best in achieving the goal of being Creative, Realistic, Memorable and Simple. Typically, you will want to attach your organization or brand name to the front of the two-word or three-word name for your DAM system. For example, “Widen Asset Management” or “Widen Resource Library.”

Chart for Picking a Two-Word Name for your DAM System:

chart for picking a two-word name for your DAM system
Sample Three-word Names (Not including the Customer/Brand name):
Sample Two-word Names (Not including the Customer/Brand name):
Creative Library, Digital Gallery, Digital Toolkit, Image Library, Marketing Library, Marketing Toolbox, Media Database, Media Library, Media Source, Partner Portal

Brand Asset Library, Creative Resource Bank, Digital Image Gallery, Digital Media Library, Image Management System, Marketing Resource Center, Video Asset Library

 Branding for digital asset management system login page


The Widen Collective® Brand Name

Widen Collective® is the trademarked name for the Widen digital asset management software suite and serves as the default name for Widen customer DAM systems unless you choose your own. Generally, the name will appear in the title of the web-based DAM system, login screen and header within the application. The standard web address is

What if we want a vanity web address?

There is no cost to select a custom name, however additional charges may apply for maintaining a custom vanity URL. Here’s an explanation of the vanity web address options:

Vanity Web Address Redirect: Organizations not wishing to use the standard web address of may opt for a vanity web address that is redirected to the standard address.

Vanity Web Address: Organizations not wishing to use the standard web address of may opt for a vanity web address that is NOT redirected to the standard address.

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