Top Tweets from the Henry Stewart LA Digital Asset Management Conference #DAMLA

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If you made it to the Henry Stewart Digital Asset Management conference in Los Angeles earlier this week, then you were able to listen to many of the hot topics and champion stories from industry experts and DAM users / administrators. If you didn’t make it, the Twitter following provided a number of highlights, lessons learned and key bits of information from the event.

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Here’s a selection of some of the golden nuggets from the Digital Asset Management Conference found on twitter with hashtag #DAMLA.



matt_turner_nyc | matt turner
#DAMLA @davidlipsey new 5 digital media imperatives Ws: who=everyone, what=everything, where=everywhere, when=everytime, why=it's essential!

digitalassetmgt |
"Technology will only solve 20% of your problems: the rest is governance, metadata, collaboration & diligence." -Theresa Regli #DAMLA

Mod_Librarian | TracyGuza
#DAMLA "Collaboration trumps workflow" - Theresa Regli

WidenEnterprise | Widen Enterprises
What's driving tech adoption? Data explosion, social media, growth of channel and device changes. #DAMLA

digitalassetmgt |
"Get beyond the halo to take a hard look." Test the software before you use it. -Theresa Regli #DAMLA

emilehanton | Emile Hanton
The Guts of Social Media: Engagement / Monitoring, Moderation, Conversion, Analytics via @cynthiafrancis #DAMLA

robtarp421 | Rob Tarpey
"I'm not a DAM specialst, I'm a person who likes to know where things are and work as little as possible" -Kendra Miller I 2nd that! #DAMLA

davidriecks | David Riecks
RT @WidenEnterprise "Store, tag and version once - publish many" -Sharlene Siegel of Yahoo! on the Intersection of DAM other/tech #DAMLA

emilehanton | Emile Hanton
Great video shown by @Mod_Librarian at #DAMLA "Image Rights Explained Visually"

Karuana | Karuana Gatimu
You can't monetize what you don't know you own #DAM or don't manage #DRM #damla

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Go to #DAMLA to see all the Tweets from the Henry Stewart Digital Asset Management conference.

Be sure to check out Widen’s show insert to get “DAM insights and resources from the industry leader in customer satisfaction” featuring two of the top DAM white papers and links to demos and other key resources.

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