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Content marketing wars: The DAM awakens

by Jake Athey, May 26, 2016

Are you struggling with the “dark side” of content marketing? Are tasks like getting your content to scale, fully leveraging your technology, and seeing the proper return on your content investment as elusive as Boba Fett?

These were just a few of the topics that were addressed at the 2016 Intelligent Content Conference — although our presentation was probably the only one talking about Boba Fett.

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Topics: Content, Marketing, DAM

Spinning the DAM wheel: The future of Digital Asset Management

by Jake Athey, April 15, 2016

If you visualize modern marketing as a bicycle wheel, digital asset management (DAM) is the hub; the audience is the rim; channels and strategies are the spokes connecting them. The quality of experiences inflates or deflates the tire. The integrity of the wheel depends on DAM, without which it would collapse. The hub, literally and metaphorically, structures, organizes and turns the wheel from a common point, where all content begins and returns.

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Topics: Content, DAM, MarTech

Getting to know Ascedia – Widen’s Sitecore integration partner

by Jake Athey, March 24, 2016

We’re excited to announce the Widen Media Collective integration with Sitecore, and we thank our partners at Ascedia and Sitecore for making it happen.

In this post, we share a little Q&A with Brent Kaufman, Director of Client Strategy, and Nikki Butgereit, Agency Demand Specialist, at Ascedia in Milwaukee, Wis.

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Topics: Content, Product Updates, Marketing

Who is excited about ContentTECH tomorrow?

by Widen Marketing, February 23, 2016

We’re looking forward to ContentTECH and we think you should be to because marketers need technology to help them create, publish, and share great content. ContentTECH is a free, one-day, virtual event happening tomorrow from 10am EST - 4pm EST.  It’s run by the Content Marketing Institute, one of the major players on the content marketing scene.

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Widen infographic wins Killer Content Award

by Widen Marketing, February 10, 2016


 Next week, two members of our marketing team are headed to the B2B Content2Conversion Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. While we always encourage the team to learn and expand their skill set, this conference is particularly exciting because Mary Turner, a graphic designer at Widen, is accepting a Killer Content Award for the infographic “How to effectively use visual storytelling for your brand.”

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Topics: Events, Culture & Company, Creative, Content

The Content Activation Model: How to hit the DAM bullseye with your content strategy

by Jake Athey, October 30, 2015

A powerful “content strategy” has become the bullseye of modern marketing, but too often, marketers miss their target.

We might have the sharpest arrows (content), but without the right bow, it’s hard to aim. Digital asset management (DAM) is the bow that allows you to launch content with precision -- and nail your content strategy.

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New Widen Infographic Introduces Visual Storytelling as a Key Brand Accelerator

by Danielle Templeton, July 20, 2015

Eight seconds. That's how long you have to catch your potential customers’ attention, and the reality is that it is a continuously shrinking target, so you have to be at the top of your game! In 2012, the average human attention span was twelve seconds. Fast forward to 2015, and you are down by four seconds already. Even a goldfish has an attention span of nine seconds, and our world is an increasingly distracting place. The competition is fierce, but you can't let the competition overload you, your staff or your valuable resources.

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Topics: Content, Marketing

How to maximize your content management strategy with digital asset management — Part 2

by Sam Schnepf, June 25, 2015


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How to maximize your content management strategy with digital asset management — Part 1

by Sam Schnepf, June 24, 2015

Recently, I had the pleasure of presenting at Confab Central in Minneapolis, MN, where I shared the stage with Corey Chimko, the Digital Resources Coordinator at Cornell University. 

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Topics: Content, Marketing

Connecting Digital Asset Management to top marketing trends

by Widen Marketing, June 15, 2015

Guest blog post by Mary Turner, Widen graphic designer and visual content marketing specialist

Evolving technology and customer expectations are shaping and changing the way we communicate. Digital-age communications are creating trends around subjects, such as customer experience, storytelling, responsive design, social strategy and data-informed decision-making.

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