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Advancing Production with Digital Asset Management | Mike Michonski on the Widen Implementation Podcast

by Nate Holmes, March 16, 2018

I've learned that proper delegation will actually get you across the finish line a lot faster and a lot better than if you try to do it all yourself. – Mike Michonski

In episode three of the Widen Implementation podcast, Mike Michonski shares his experiences of rolling out and maintaining the Widen Collective®. Mike is a national production director at Total Traffic & Weather Network, the leading provider of traffic, transit, news, and weather information in the United States. TTWN plays part in the daily lives of more than 120 million people!

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Migrating From a Folder Based DAM System | Sandra De Biasi on the Widen Implementation Podcast

by Nate Holmes, March 9, 2018

Think about how you want people to search for assets. This will give [you] a better picture of how things should be set up. How your asset groups should be set up. How roles should be set up.” - Sandra De Biasi

In episode two of the Widen Implementation podcast, we hear from Sandra De Biasi of Varian Medical Systems. Sandra started with Varian Medical Systems as a contractor to evaluate and revamp their asset management. Their previous DAM system relied on folder structures which lead to people hunting and asking around for assets. Changing to a metadata driven system required a lot of upfront work but it has improved asset management for Varian.

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A four month DAM implementation | Michael Shattuck on the Widen Implementation Podcast

by Nate Holmes, February 21, 2018

“I think that the biggest fear was probably that we would end up in the same place that we had been at that current time.” - Michael Shattuck

In episode one of the Widen Implementation Podcast, Bill Banham and guest Michael Shattuck discuss what it took to implement a new DAM system with around 60,000 assets to approximately 1,000 global users in under four months. Michael shares how he and his team successfully selected, migrated to, and launched the Widen Collective®.

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Topics: DAM, DAM Implementation Podcast

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