Perfection Not Required: 2018 Best DAM Contest Participant Spotlight

by Molly Hamm, March 18, 2019

In the second installment of our four-part 2018 Best DAM Contest series, we meet Caroline Gardner, formerly of New Balance.

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Spicing Things Up: 2018 Best DAM Contest Participant Spotlight

by Molly Hamm, March 11, 2019

In this four-part series we’ll get to know the admins who took center stage at the Best DAM Contest during the 2018 Widen Summit. This contest gives contestants eight minutes to highlight the best parts of their Widen Collective® site and share their biggest accomplishments with all Summit attendees. The Summit audience then votes for the most inspirational, engaging, and aspirational DAM story.

No two stories are alike as each contestant faces different challenges in their role as an admin and each offers a unique perspective about what they gained through their participation in the contest.

Read more about the admins, their accomplishments, and their DAM stories starting with our 2018 winner, Leah Hammes from McCormick & Company.

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The Essential Guide for DAM Admins

by Nate Holmes, November 1, 2018

A DAM administrator maintains and promotes the global digital asset management (DAM) solution. They lead in areas of technical system maintenance, marketing global processes and procedures, communications, metadata creation and consistency, training, and user support.

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The DAM, Creative Work, and Content Operations Trends Driving Us Into the Future

by Jake Athey, November 14, 2017

A month ago at the Widen Summit, we revealed how your feedback and aspirations have shaped the future of DAM. We also showed how the most important trends in content, creative operations, and data have informed our product roadmap. If you missed the Summit, don’t worry: below, you can find out how we’re evolving Widen’s Software-as-a-Service experience to help your brand reach its highest potential.

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Being a Widen DAMster with Debra Berard, Senior Business Analyst

by Nina Brakel-Schutt, September 21, 2017

Editor’s note: Deb Berard has moved to a new organization but her experience with DAM is still relevant to other DAMsters. Enjoy!

We caught up with Deb Berard, Senior Business Analyst and DAM admin at New Teacher Center, which is headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA. Here’s her take on the value digital asset management (DAM) brings to their team and business.

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Widen Collective protects 100 years of history and helps power the next 100 years of growth for Pioneer Balloon

by Al Falaschi, June 29, 2016

Pioneer Balloon is a global company that offers balloons, promotional products, and partyware. In preparation for their 100th anniversary in 2017, they hired Teri Truesdell to research and implement a digital asset management (DAM) system to organize all of their historical assets and to offer a better distribution method for the thousands of products they sell globally.

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Discover your DAM Adventure at the 2016 Widen Summit

by Melanie Olsen, April 12, 2016

Everything about the Widen Summit in 2016 will give you, our customers, an opportunity to Discover Your DAM Adventure! Over the last 5 years, we can’t believe how many discoveries we’ve made hosting the Widen Summit and we want you to feel the Widen Experience with us.

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The Media Collective in higher education: An interview with Stewart Dick and Britta Charbonneau of Sheridan College

by Al Falaschi, February 29, 2016

Sheridan has grown from a local college of 400 students in 1967 to one of Ontario’s leading postsecondary institutions, educating approximately 38,000 students every year on four campuses. They help shape the future of our society in the fields of arts, business, community service, health, technology, and the skilled trades. Class was recently in session and we had a chance to sit down with Stewart Dick, senior graphic designer and Britta Charbonneau, eMarketing Technologist with Sheridan College to talk about Digital Asset Management (DAM) in higher ed.

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Being a Widen DAMster: An interview with Jennifer Neer, Data Integration Specialist, Polywood

by Nina Brakel-Schutt, October 14, 2015

We recently caught up with Widen customer, Jennifer Neer, at the Henry Stewart digital asset management conference in Chicago. We we so impressed by her knowledge of information systems and integrations that we thought she would make an awesome DAMster interview.

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Being a Widen DAMster: An interview with Tim Goodman, Director of Account Services at Equity Creative

by Nina Brakel-Schutt, August 11, 2015

Metadata: Do or do not. There is no try. 

Tim Goodman’s DAM administrator (admin) role came out of necessity. Managing assets for CNH Industrial once meant keeping boxes of old CDs and film in places that were not always known or accessible. A rudimentary process was created lacked remote access, lacked any type of automation and had no associated metadata with the assets. So CNH Industrial needed a better way to organize, find and distribute their vast library of logos, photos, videos, catalogs and marketing assets.

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