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Widen’s 2018 MarTech Survey Reveals the Greatest Opportunities for DAM Users

by Jake Athey, March 30, 2018

Are you using DAM to its greatest potential? Our survey says there’s more you can do.

Marketing technology is moving at dizzying speeds. From one day to the next, new platforms, trends, and digital asset management demands bubble and rise to the surface. With such speed, it’s tough to know how to harness the power of it all. That’s where our 2018 Marketing Technology Survey comes in. Now in its fifth year, our survey gets to the heart of the matter, exposing the greatest DAM opportunities for content-driven organizations like yours. Here’s how to apply our findings!

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Topics: DAM, MarTech

The Trifecta of Martech: How to Market Better and Faster with Salesforce, HubSpot, and the Widen Collective®

by Jake Athey, February 15, 2018

All good things come in threes, or at least that is what history tells us. After all, genies give three wishes; there are three little pigs not four, and of course who would go to a two-ring circus? But superstitions aside, at Widen, we found our martech sweet spot in this number.

To really market, and market well, we need the trifecta of wins — we must get the right content, to the right people, at the right time. And this requires a trifecta of tools!

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Widen Marketing Technology Survey Shows There’s Room for Growth

by Nate Holmes, May 4, 2017

The Widen 2017 Marketing Technology survey shows DAM systems are fulfilling multiple business functions, but there’s still opportunity for expansion.

The third installment of our annual MarTech survey is complete and shows three great opportunities for survey takers and DAMsters alike. We’ll share some of our findings and how you can apply them to your organization.

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Topics: DAM, MarTech

Marketing Tech Talk Madison - on steroids in 2017

by Melanie Olsen, March 15, 2017

Marketing Tech Talks originated at Widen as a way for our staff to learn from other marketers and marketing technologists. During Tech Talks, practitioners share their marketing strategy stories and how technology has played a role in them. The group also talks about common marketing problems and how people, process, and technology work together to create solutions.

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Topics: Events, Marketing, MarTech

Capitalizing on DAM trends in MarTech, part 2: agile marketing

by Jake Athey, July 22, 2016

In part 1 of this series, we examined how digital asset management (DAM) is the content marketing hub for all your content and experiences across marketing technologies.

In part 2, we’ll look at ways DAM can increase your marketing agility — also referred to as agile marketing — by streamlining processes for internal teams and improving speed to market with core business process and content deliverables.

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Topics: MarTech, Integrations

Capitalizing on DAM trends in MarTech, part 1: content and experiences

by Jake Athey, July 22, 2016

These days, it’s critical for your digital asset management (DAM) software to play nice with your other mission-critical marketing technologies, or MarTech tools.

Luckily, when you’re using a DAM system like the Widen Collective, there are several ways to extend assets via integrations and extensions that leverage your central source of truth.

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Topics: MarTech, Integrations

Spinning the DAM wheel: The future of Digital Asset Management

by Jake Athey, April 15, 2016

If you visualize modern marketing as a bicycle wheel, digital asset management (DAM) is the hub; the audience is the rim; channels and strategies are the spokes connecting them. The quality of experiences inflates or deflates the tire. The integrity of the wheel depends on DAM, without which it would collapse. The hub, literally and metaphorically, structures, organizes and turns the wheel from a common point, where all content begins and returns.

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Topics: Content, DAM, MarTech

5 Ways to be a MarTech Hero

by Matthew Gonnering, July 30, 2015

As we wrap up our M.A.R.T.E.C.H. metamorphosis, we are reminded that marketing technologists are serving others.  The “H” in MarTech is hero, as in, make somebody else look like a hero.  You are NOT designing incredible campaigns, writing great content, or creating awesome products that solve market problems, that is not your role.  Marketing technologists are advising, guiding, enabling, informing and powering these decisions by supporting the teams that create all that amazing stuff with technologies that execute marketing functions at scale.

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Topics: Marketing, MarTech

Marketing Technologists Would Thrive in Freedom

by Matthew Gonnering, June 19, 2015

Culture may be near the end of our M.A.R.T.E.C.H. competency framework but it is absolutely the foundation for a marketing technologist to be successful. I attended the WorldBlu Freedom at Work Summit in Miami and you need to look no further for cultural direction than the environment that WorldBlu has created.  Traci Fenton has been helping transform cultures using organizational democracy since 1997.  Marketing technologists would thrive in freedom and the WorldBlu 10 principles of organizational democracy provide a structure to advance our “C” in the M.A.R.T.E.C.H. competency framework.  

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Topics: Marketing, MarTech

6 MarTech Traits Aligned with the Entrepreneurial Spirit

by Matthew Gonnering, April 22, 2015

As we continue shaping our M.A.R.T.E.C.H. competency framework we find ourselves in need of an entrepreneurial spirit for marketing technologists to be most effective.  The entrepreneur competency in MarTech is again, a metamorphosis that is attainable if we put forth the effort to make it happen.  A marketing technologist needs to have an entrepreneurial-like ownership with a passion and pride to make sure things run properly.  The following are 6 traits shared by entrepreneurs and marketing technologists.

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Topics: Marketing, MarTech

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