How to use Widen Collective version 12.0 updates

by Nate Holmes, November 1, 2017

The Widen Collective product vision builds on DAM to connect marketing content across the entire content lifecycle, from ideas to analytics. Most importantly, to connect the people and teams to create, manage, and use your content.

We’re really excited about these version 12.0 updates and we think you will be too — since these are heavily influenced by your feedback.

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A First Look at the New Widen UX

by Deanna Ballew, May 8, 2017

For the last several months, we’ve traveled around the world observing your teams, your environment, and your culture to learn how you communicate, connect, and contribute. You’ve shared with us the big and small things you need to get it all what have we learned?

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Workflow online proofing and work management demo

by Jake Athey, April 11, 2017

In the first part of this series, we defined what Workflow is, what it does, who it helps — and how it solves their problems.

Here, we’ll be walking you through a Workflow demo to give you a real-world idea of how it can support your team.

If you prefer, you can also watch our brief demo video, or you can request a live demo where you can see Workflow (as well as Assets, Portals, Templates, and Insights) in action with our cloud-based DAM system.

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Share your brand’s stories and assets with Widen Portals

by Jake Athey, March 28, 2017

New branded Portals enable marketers to curate and share assets with specific groups and track how the content is used

We’ve officially unveiled Portals, a new way to share and track content stored in Widen Collective. Portals enable marketers to curate sets of assets for dealers, franchisees, agencies, and other partners who tell their brand stories.

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Topics: Product Updates, Portals

Widen launches digital asset management integration with Salesforce

by Jake Athey, July 27, 2016

The new Widen Collective digital asset management integration with Salesforce enables users to access sales and marketing content inside accounts, contacts and opportunities.

Widen is proud to announce a new Salesforce Connector for the world’s #1 CRM. Salespeople can now search for Widen Collective assets in Salesforce, making it easy to share up-to-date marketing and sales collateral as they work with accounts, contacts and opportunities.

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Widen partners with Sitecore to connect assets with experiences

by Jake Athey, April 28, 2016

We’re happy to announce our partnership and integration with Sitecore, the global leader in experience management software. We worked with Ascedia, an integrated marketing agency and Sitecore-certified implementation partner, to facilitate the integration. Brands can now run a Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE) strategy powered by the Media Collective and the Sitecore Experience Platform.

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Use Quick Insights and join the 30% who use content effectively

by Widen Marketing, March 29, 2016

Stop for a second and consider some important statistics. According to the Content Marketing Institute, an overwhelming 66% of marketers don’t know what makes their content successful, or “performant”. In addition to that, 70% don’t think their teams are using content as effectively as they could be. In the absence of data to make content decisions, many marketers respond by making more content. But more content doesn’t always mean it’s necessary or quality.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Quick Insights, the latest feature from the Media Collective Insights team, gives you visibility into content performance so you can reuse the good stuff … and ditch the not-so-good stuff.

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Getting to know Ascedia – Widen’s Sitecore integration partner

by Jake Athey, March 24, 2016

We’re excited to announce the Widen Media Collective integration with Sitecore, and we thank our partners at Ascedia and Sitecore for making it happen.

In this post, we share a little Q&A with Brent Kaufman, Director of Client Strategy, and Nikki Butgereit, Agency Demand Specialist, at Ascedia in Milwaukee, Wis.

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Widen Collective Insights: digital asset management analytics for the smarter marketer

by Widen Marketing, September 30, 2015

Widen Collective v9.0 is here! Our latest release introduces Insights, our powerful new digital asset management analytics tool. Here are a few reasons we’re thrilled to share it:

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Stop guessing with Media Collective's new analytics tool

by Widen Marketing, August 26, 2015

It happens all the time. You’re in a campaign planning meeting, creating the shot list for your photographer, getting your design team the right visuals for POP displays and aggregating product images for your web team. Everyone has an opinion about how many and what type of assets are right for this particular campaign, yet no one agrees. You’re not brainstorming, you’re guessing. And guessing rarely leads to strategic marketing that aligns with your brand’s growth targets. Media Collective's new analytics tool, set to launch in our next release, takes the guesswork out of it, and gives you the cold hard facts you need to make important decisions.

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