Twitter Highlights from Createasphere Digital Asset Management Seminars in Chicago

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Widen sponsored the Createasphere Digital Asset Management Seminars in Chicago last Wednesday, July 20, which was co-located with the Executive Marketplace for Houses of Worship.

Widen representatives had live tweeted the event featuring sessions by DAM expert Dan McGraw of Seven Dials Media (@the7dials); metadata expert David Riecks of (@davidriecks); and Jim Sippel of Willow Creek Community Church (@jlsippel). The day was capped by an evening CONNECT Live networking event including a presentation on Marketing, Digital Asset Management and the Global Digital Supply Chain by Charlie Gray of Motorola, a long-time Widen Digital Asset Management customer.

What follows are the “golden nugget” tweets of the day from the digital asset management seminars. To see all the live tweeting from the July 20 event, follow @Createasphere, @WidenEnterprise, or @DigitalAssetMgt.

Tweets from the Keynote by Dan McGraw (@the7dials)
Dan McGraw Keynote

What is your DAM problem? Interruption limits business, message and creativity.

Metadata = Instant Institutionalized Knowledge.

"Metadata is key to collaboration" - If you have a bad metadata schema, you will never be able to manage your assets effectively.

DAM Problem #1 - finding assets

If all politics is local, all DAM is local. If your users don't use it, what's the point?

DAM is about platforms, practices and people

DAM begins by understanding business strategy

Thinking about metadata? Use standards!

Thinking about people in digital asset management? Think user experience & acceptance

Thinking about people & process in DAM? Follow the asset through the life cycle

Nugget of the hour! DAM is NOT a destination, but a journey


Tweets from “The Digital Asset Management Roadmap - What You Must Know Before You Begin To Put Your Assets in Order” by Dan McGraw @the7dials & Alex Grossman @ActiveStorageMcGraw and Grossman




"Content has value & value is derived from repurposing that content. Value is a test of time."

DAM often starts by solving problems at a department level. TIP: Start with a cross-functional team

Digital Asset Management TIP 2: "Work with someone who's done it before"

Justifying DAM to your CFO? What does he/she care about? Better work, improved process, reduced costs...

Justifying DAM to your CFO? (cont) No, he/she cares about increased sales. Demonstrate improved balance sheet = free lunch!

DAM systems are metadata management systems that do fancy things

How to go about building metadata models? Follow the asset through the workflow

61 Exabytes of digital storage will be used for digital archiving & content conversion & preservation by 2015

3 Teams of DAM: Implementation team, Governance board & Executive board to leverage DAM across the org.

DAM is evolution. Media creation is constantly changing.

The Digital Asset Management phrase that pays -- "It's all about the metadata" security, rights, etc.

Tweets from "Connecting the Dots on Metadata and Search with Controlled Vocabulary" with David Riecks @davidriecksConnecting the dots on metadata





Connecting the Dots on Metadata: a talk by @davidriecks. Here is a handy resource

Metadata 101 - "The best thing about standards are that there are so many!" Another resource:

How do we add "smartness" to digital assets? By using standard metadata schemas.

Smart Assets are ideal for distribution because--self-describing, recipient can see it, derivatives inherit it

The Embedded Metadata Manifesto 5 Guiding Principles. Do you know what they are?

Metadata "Field Guide" from

Join the Controlled Vocabulary Discussion Forum

Looking for downloadable keyword lists? Here's a resource from @nickp_uk

Tweets from “Rights Management” with Jim Sippel of Willow Creek Community Church @jlsippelJim Sippel copyright & permissions



Check out Jim Sippel’s article on DAM on Church Production Magazine.

What is copyright? Protects "Works of Authorship"

On fair use (copyright law): factual work is more likely to be protected under fair use law than creative work.

Learning about the "Four Factors of Fair Use" on Rights Management

What could copyright infringement cost? $150K per infringement per incidence.

Recommends and for info on copyrights.


Tweets from “Marketing, Digital Asset Management and the Digital Supply Chain” with Charlie Gray, Manager of CMS at Motorola/Corporate Marketing

Charlie GrayControlled vocabulary (for metadata) is customer-centric.



19,113 images were downloaded from the Widen Collective in Q1.

Moto denied approx. half of asset requests made through the Widen system in Q1. Protect your brand!

How Widen DAM ties into Motorola marketing

Creating discreet buckets helps us not only manage our brand, but partners' as well.
"We only derive assets' value when they're easy to find and properly used."

How does Motorola justify DAM? Without DAM, 24,000 working hours per year to find, convert and deliver images each year.

Be sure to follow more Widen tweets @widenenterprise or learn more about Createasphere Digital Asset Management Events


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