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Two Question Survey to Measure Success of Creative Projects

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When you’re reporting the happenings in your creative team, what do you share? The quantity of content created, tracking of hours scheduled versus hours spent, and total cost of a project all frame up your creative team as a cost. If that’s all you’re reporting, you’re not positioning your team as the value-creating operation it is. Cost is only part of the story.

The quality of your content matters. Every brand is clamoring for attention. It’s the creative team’s job to make the brand message stand out and create an emotional connection. Content quality isn’t an easy thing to measure. Channel metrics are one option, but those include many variables and can be hard to get from the marketing team.

The effectiveness of your creative team matters. A team’s ability to communicate and coordinate impacts the quality of the content and the process of producing it. While volume and cost capture some of the effectiveness of your creative team, it lacks the soft side of the process.

It’s time for your creative team to start measuring the quality of your team’s process and work to elevate it past being another cost. To get started with doing that in the simplest way, we propose a two-question survey.

Why survey your teams?

Gain insights from those working in the channels. It’s not always realistic to connect the content’s success directly to channel metrics because there are multiple variables involved, but you should be able to gain some insights from them. If the distribution channel is digital, your marketing team should have instant feedback on the success or failure of the content efforts.

You’ll also gain insight from your clients’ understanding of audience expectations and what’s successful overall.

Track your teams’ satisfaction. Keep that in-house work coming by taking care of your customers, your internal teams. By surveying your clients, you’ll have documentation on how projects with your internal teams are going.

Another benefit here is that, over time, you can begin correlating well-received content with specific creative techniques or methods.

The two questions

A two-question survey is easy to set up, maintain, and gives some benchmarks to help you identify trends. The results of the survey can lead to further conversation and investigation.

From a survey-taker perspective, two questions sounds like an easy commitment. Survey Monkey found that a two-question survey takes about two minutes, on average, to complete. And when you tell your teams that two minutes of their time can help improve the content and creation process, they should be more than willing to help out.

Below are the two questions you should have on your survey.

Question 1. How was this content?

Some teams view successful content in a binary view. That is, if the content was produced on time, it was successful. If it wasn’t produced on time, it wasn’t successful. This perspective doesn’t allow for evaluating the content for quality, which ultimately affects the success of the campaign.

Other teams get feedback on the quality of the content, but only in the form of verbal communication in passing. This ambiguous and undocumented feedback can feel good in the moment, but it doesn’t provide quantifiable data to support new techniques, methods, and levels of effort.

Question 2. How was this process?

Get feedback on the process of getting work done, from the project request through review and approval. While a successful end product is the goal, the process can impact the time and money invested into the work. By collecting feedback from your clients on how the process went, you’ll be able to see how changes you make in the creative process impact your clients.

How you can start using this two-question survey

  1. Work with your team to identify who you’ll survey and at what point in the process you’ll survey them.
  2. Select the platform where you’ll collect the data and set up the survey. We use Survey Monkey and Typeform.
  3. Start collecting data!
  4. Set up recurring time to review responses to identify trends.

We hope this simple two-question survey can help your creative team get started with measuring success. As you gather more data and it leads to more conversations, you’ll be able to evolve it over time based on your organizational needs.

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