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Two tips for your digital asset management project from a Widen project manager

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Most of the posts you see on this blog are authored by Widen Marketing & Client Services teams, however this post brings insights direct from one of the Widen project managers assisting with client implementations.

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Tips for a Successful Digital Asset Management Implementation from a Project ManagerFor the most part, all organizations want the same thing for their digital assets: to be able to house, organize, search for, and share their assets in a quick, easy, and user-friendly way. While Widen’s Digital Asset Management system, itself, facilitates all of these things (and as project managers, we guide clients through the process) there are a few key things clients can do to improve the speed and success of their install, the usability of their site, and ultimately end user adoption.

1.  Be discreet, no really. Whether we like it or not, using free text fields to capture metadata is becoming a way of the past. While the occasional circumstance necessitates capturing metadata for assets in a free text field, most metadata, with perhaps a little more preparation up front, can easily be transformed from a free text format to a controlled vocabulary list. Using a controlled vocabulary list in lieu of a free text format enables standardization, the ability to quickly narrow down search results through filtering, and the flexibility of creating useful advanced searches. The bottom line is that it makes searching for assets quick and easy.

2.  With this great power, comes great responsibility. Every project needs an internal champion to be successful. As someone reading this blog that champion may even be you. Sometimes the champion is the very same person that works in the front-line with Widen to get the site configured, assets uploaded, end users trained, and manages the live site on an ongoing basis. This is the ideal scenario. The champion, however, is not always able to coordinate that actual implementation for a variety of reasons, and the responsibilities of executing the implementation are handed over to someone else. When this is the case, it is imperative that the individual(s) selected for the job understands the goal of the project, how it will benefit the organization, what will be required of them to meet the desired outcome, and ultimately that the implementation will not be successful unless he or she is completely on board. The bottom line is that if you have the power to lead the organizational decision-making process to purchase a DAM system, you also have the responsibility to ensure that whoever is executing the implementation is a project champion in his or her own right.

Creating controlled vocabulary lists of metadata and ensuring that the installation of the DAM system has a true champion are just a couple of the ways that you can improve the speed and success of your install, the usability of your site, and ultimately end user adoption.

Kara Bubb
Project Manager

Topics: Product Updates

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