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I bought Madden 2009 last week and it still sits on my shelf, wrapped in plastic and un-played of course.  That’s ok… it doesn’t affect my ability to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.  It doesn’t help me communicate and collaborate with others that I do business with.  My customers aren’t demanding it.  And it doesn’t give me the satisfaction of being able to measure the work that I do…

Un-Installed Installed Software Group for LinkedInWelcome to the “Un-Installed Installed Software” group for LinkedIn -  Join Here.  I don’t expect a lot of people to join this group because not many people want to admit that they’ve made a decision to buy a software solution that still, after some time, hasn’t been implemented for one reason or another.

For those that have admitted it, it’s usually because it’s an un-prioritized priority; it’s not a big enough box so it gets lost in the clutter; or they just haven’t had a chance to pick up the manual and try to become an expert inside the amount of time it takes to read ‘Software Implementations for Dummies.’ 

Last week, I met with someone who recently (March) bought an installed digital asset management software solution and I asked them how it was going.  When they said “Oh, we haven’t got it up and running yet” I wasn’t actually sure how to respond.  I thought this was a hot item… something they needed… something they were excited to begin using and move on.  (It was 6 months ago.)  So I asked, “Did you consider a hosted solution?”  Through my line of questioning, I was basically trying to get to the point that a DAM SaaS solution has you up and running quickly, painlessly and professionally. 

Now I understand things get pushed to the back burner, but for something that is a foundation application for marketing efficiency and effectiveness, I hope that digital asset management can get bumped up on the list.  In this case, leave the DAM software implementations up to the people that do this for a living and get up and running within 30 days… not 180+.

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