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Usability improvements with the Widen Media Collective v7.1 release

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At Widen, we strive to create enjoyable user experiences 

With every major update, Widen works to improve the user experience of our digital asset management software as new technology emerges. By combining analytics and user feedback on current use of Widen Media Collective sites, updates to the user interface (UI) to improve performance and usability occur as a direct result of the Widen community.

The following details some of the usability improvements with the Widen Media Collective version 7.1 release, in addition to all the new features and updates in version 7.1 highlighted here

For more information about UI changes or questions about your DAM site, refer to the Collective Support website.

Header and Footer Changes
In the header area, we have consolidated account settings, preferences, contacts and logout links beneath the user name to be more in line with other popular websites. More options are exposed in the user name dropdown, and users can jump to a particular option quickly.

Customer colors were added to the header and footer to makes sites less grey and allow better branding with use of customer colors. The footer provides a quick search and searching option links and brings increased visibility to features that were previously hidden in the user profile. The fixed footer was removed in favor of a more traditional footer that displays when users scroll to the bottom of a page.

Widen Market Header

Alerts and Watched Assets
Notifications for alerts, watched assets and administrator alerts were moved from the footer to the header next to the user’s name to increase visibility of the notifications.

Search Results
To quickly return to the top of search results, an arrow was added in the far right as users scroll. This is a convenient way to quickly take users back to the top of the page to change configurations or switch to another tab.

Widen Market Search Results

The popularity percentage was added to asset thumbnails in search results to make the asset-level analytics more visible. Administrators requested the percentage be indicated in thumbnails as well as on the Asset Details page to be consistent with ratings and favorites and so users did not have to go to the Asset Details page to see an asset’s popularity. Also, from a social standpoint, if users see a popular asset, they may choose to download those over others or vice versa; users may choose less popular assets to make their materials more unique.

Selection Panel Changes
A Share as Collection button has been added to make the share collection pages of assets functionality easier to use.

Widen Market Selection Panel

The most ordered and recently added sections of the dashboard have been reorganized as carousels of assets, which draws more attention to those sections. Carousels are user friendly and allow users to browse a group of assets before clicking View All in addition to allowing users to preview more assets at one time in a smaller space.

Widen Market Carousels

Would you like to see all that’s new with the Widen Media Collective version 7.1?

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