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Use Quick Insights and join the 30% who use content effectively

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Stop for a second and consider some important statistics. According to the Content Marketing Institute, an overwhelming 66% of marketers don’t know what makes their content successful, or “performant”. In addition to that, 70% don’t think their teams are using content as effectively as they could be. In the absence of data to make content decisions, many marketers respond by making more content. But more content doesn’t always mean it’s necessary or quality.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Quick Insights, the latest feature from the Media Collective Insights team, gives you visibility into content performance so you can reuse the good stuff … and ditch the not-so-good stuff.

Measuring your content

While the Insights app provides holistic measurement of assets’ performance in a campaign or collection, Quick Insights serves up data for individual assets. Quick Insights is centralized in Quick View, just a click away from any page in Media Collective.

Quick insights provide you with a snapshot of your content reach at the individual asset level.

Here are three ways to use Quick Insights to feel confident in selecting and suggesting content.

1. Find the right content for the job through searching and sorting.

New Quick Insights sorting points you toward the most performant assets by organizing your results according to top engagement score, embed views, downloads or other criteria. Finding the best content is easier than ever!

How to use it.  Say you want to take inventory of assets embedded on web pages. Sorting by embed code views makes it easy to see assets that have the most views. Then Quick Insights reveals the sites and the count of views on each.

2. Measure content performance in terms of how frequently it’s used across channels.

The asset Engagement Score shows you assets with the most traction. Using a combination of downloads, embed views, share link views, and social shares, the score can be used as an indication of how much assets have been repurposed. Calculated on a 100-point scale, the higher the Engagement Score, the more the asset has been reused along its lifecycle.

How to use it.  Sort by Engagement Score when searching for assets. This puts the most popular assets at the top of your results. Then flip through Quick View until you find the best content for your project.

If you’re doing site maintenance, using the reverse Engagement Score sort puts assets with the lowest engagement at the top of your results. Low engagement could mean you should increase its visibility... or figure out why it isn’t being used more frequently.

3. Understand how your video is being watched.

Of all content types, video can be the most budget-guzzling and time consuming to produce. That’s why historic viewing patterns can be valuable inputs to the creative process. The Video Retention Tracker gives a quick visual of where viewership spikes and drops over the entire video.

How to use it.  Say viewership starts declining at 3:25 … jump to that timestamp and note what’s happening. Are viewers reacting to something in the script? A visual? An awkward transition? Share the insights with your production team!

Two powerful ways to measure content performance

Our 9.7 release marks one year dedicated to building powerful asset and site performance insights within Media Collective. Between Quick Insights and the Insights app you’re should be armed with data to not just make more content--but to make content intelligently.

If you’re already a Media Collective customer, check out the support articles about the new feature. In the next couple weeks, we’ll be launching an Insights contest where you can submit your Insights app and Quick Insights use cases and get Amazon gift cards. Stay tuned for more information on that.

If you’re not a Media Collective customer, contact our advising team to find out more about about Quick Insights and how the Media Collective can boost your brand and organize your content.

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