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User Experience Research Puts You First in Widen Collective Design

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Do you know how much your feedback shapes what the Widen Collective® looks like and does? Your experiences and expectations using Collective influence the design and development direction we take. Your input even gives us ideas on what should be included in new apps that we create from scratch.

We have a team of researchers and designers at Widen called the User Experience, or UX, team. Throughout each month they’re talking with you, gathering your thoughts and ideas on Workflow or Templates, Portals or Assets, to see what’s working for your team and what could make life much easier. You tell us your pain points, your frustrations, and your ideas and goals and we try to turn those into experiences in the Collective! Our Product and Development teams then put many of those suggestions into action. We’re making changes — or iterating — based on what we learn from and about you.

What to see just how iteration works? Take a look below to see a few examples!

Feedback for Portals

In our Portals app, feedback included feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of portals people were creating, not understanding how the list of portals was ordered, and not being able to find the right portal quickly — much like you see here.

Portals A

We asked current portal managers/creators what's important to them when managing portals and how they try to make sense of them. We had them look through a prototype with a lot of options, and we were able to narrow down to the most valuable filters.

As a result, we added search by title, filter by portal creator, portal type, and status, plus the ability to sort by date last updated, date created, or alphabetically. Looks pretty clean now, right?

Portals B

Workflow feedback

Users told us they didn’t know what to focus on with so many colors and buttons on a deliverable’s page in the Workflow app and felt overloaded by all the information that displays, making it difficult to figure out what was happening with the deliverable.

Workflow 2017

We also learned about what's valuable for them to know when looking at in-progress reviews, and they were able to prioritize a quick answer to status questions like "Where is this review at and who are we waiting on?"

The result? A much more simplified summary of what stage a piece is at and who's involved and a cleaner presentation with the most valuable information called out.

Workflow 2018

As well, after user feedback, the experience in Portals and Workflow feels like it’s part of the same app, whereas before it felt like two different experiences.

How can you get involved?

If you’re thinking, gosh, I’d love to give some input on what’s happening at Widen, you can! We love talking to you. Here’s how you can get involved.

    • Feedback sessions. Probably the quickest and easiest way for you to see what’s being developed and give input even before it’s live to others. They’re conducted remotely, are about a half-hour in length, and you’ll need do is share your screen. One of our researchers or designers will walk you through a series of tasks, asking you questions along the way. They’ll ask questions like, What would you expect to happen if you clicked this button? How does the layout of this page feel to you? What do you like or dislike?
    • Usability surveys. We send your users a survey, review their responses, glean some data, and gain insight into what’s working well in your site, then share that with you in what’s known as an SUS, or System Usability Score, report. It’s a standard usability metric that is used across industries to and allows you to take a look at your site and make any changes or to come up with ideas to share with us for future iterations.
    • Let us visit! Did you say roadtrip? We’re always game to come to your office and see how your team accomplishes tasks, day in and day out. There’s no such thing as too much information!

Talk to your customer experience manager to learn more about how you can get involved in Collective UX research.

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