Using DAM - Digital Asset Management - To Power The Dissemination Of Marketing Assets

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DAM software is not just meant to be a place for storing video content, images, and other digital assets. A good DAM system will keep those assets safe, but it should also provide an easy means of managing them. This should, in turn, increase efficiency and help with branding. Using DAM is akin to working with a highly organized, easy to use, central library. This library also features controlled access to both new and archived assets to ensure that the right people have the correct type of access at the right time.

Some of the benefits you get when using DAM should include:

  • Immediate find-ability and repurposeability when using DAM- It shouldn't take hours to locate the best asset for your needs no matter what the size of the corporate library. A DAM system that has been properly set up should greatly facilitate the retrieval process of assets. In fact, it shouldn't be a "process" at all, but just a search that involves a few choice keywords, press of the button, and download of the appropriate asset. This is a principle benefit of using DAM because instead of spending 15 minutes or a half hour in finding the right asset, the user finds it in a matter of seconds. Take into account that each user needs to find dozens of assets each day and the increase in efficiency is exponential. Consider the re-purposing involved with many of these assets, and the savings on production costs are substantial.
  • Rights & access control- When using DAM with centralized control, administrators decide who has access to which assets. This feature ensures that users are only employing the correct assets and thus helps greatly with brand consistency. It also saves time by eliminating the need for users to ask permission to employ certain assets.
  • Using DAM and the ability to localize assets to specific markets- Different states, regions, and countries typically require different marketing approaches and strategies. The people who are most aware of the changes and adaptations required for localized marketing are the representatives who live and work in those areas. Digital asset management tools allow them to make those necessary changes to quickly adapt to local markets.
  • Intelligent usage reporting tools when using DAM- Having the ability to analyze how often assets are used and re-purposed can help with decisions related to production costs and ROI of assets.

Using DAM in a software as a service platform is like working with a secure, easy to use, neatly organized library with twenty-four hour, expert help. Experience this with a demo of Widen DAM now.

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