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This is the eleventh video in the series of Widen customer interviews with Augusto Rovegno, Business Development & Programming Manager, at HSM – organizer of the World Business Forum and World Innovation Forum. In this video, Augusto talks about using digital asset management and how they’re deploying the DAM system to various user groups in phases. Starting off with about 30 to 40 people at the initial stages in the first year, which is to grow significantly as they progress in using digital asset management tools. Augusto explains how the HSM digital content library will be made up of a majority of audio/video files at broadcast level quality. They also intend to use a lot of image files and documents, but the bulk of the content will be audio-visual content. 

As for different user groups using digital asset management, the large majority of users will be searching and viewing content on the web-based DAM platform. The lesser amount of viewers will be downloading the content and repurposing it, editing it, or publishing it to different outlets. For the most part, the bulk of those people using digital asset management would be considered general users who search and view the digital video content online.

In ramping up user adoption, Augusto explains how they have a lot of people expecting the DAM site to be ready quickly. To promote the existence and use of DAM, they’ll communicate the value of the DAM system through their various internal communication channels as they see it more as a BtoB tool. Furthermore, Augusto explains how using digital asset management for their clients is to be a useful and important tool into the future growth of the orgranization. When asked “Where do you see it in a year?” Augusto answers how their interested in seeing how they can tie this into their TV operations with their TV network to spread globally.

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