Using infographics to stand out, and DAM to ensure brand-consistency

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iStock_000018205375XSmallThe Internet and rise of social media have caused a major step in the evolution of marketing. When people go online, the huge number of choices makes it simple to just click away from a page with unwanted, annoying advertisements. Many people do the same when watching television, but they are even less tolerant of ads when using the Internet. However, the biggest wave that keeps pushing such “outbound marketing” out of the picture comes in the form of social media websites.

In being user-driven, much of the site's content is dependent upon potential customers. Businesses can also make use of social media sites but have discovered that outbound marketing doesn't make for a good fit with this new online dynamic. People using social media sites don't have any need to click on ads or pay any attention to them. But how can digital asset management software help you increase the effective ness of the content your brand shares in social channels?
The ROI of inbound marketing materials is lower than old fashioned outbound materials in part, because the customer is the person who makes the decision to download a helpful white paper or watch an informative video. Infographics in particular, are especially useful in getting messages across with inbound marketing campaigns. They’re assets that are part illustration, part chart or graph. Done right, they make what would otherwise be data that’s bland or difficult to process more easy to digest—the best infographics even make it a little fun.

Every infographic comprises a number of other assets. Whether they’re photos, graphics, copy, logos, or whatever else, you need to make sure that components of your infographic are the most up-to-date, brand-consistent assets in your library. A DAM system can help you ensure that’s always the case.

To experience digital asset management programs designed to boost the efficiency of marketing with infographics, sign up for a demo of Widen software-as-a-service today.

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