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As Widen transitions much of the Widen Collective Digital Asset Management infrastructure and client digital assets to the cloud, DAM users (myself included) are finding Digital Asset Embed Links to be a very "handy" little feature for efficient marketing operations. 
The Jargon
Widen Digital Asset Management Software as a Service (DAM SaaS) uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the storage and processing of digital assets. The storage of digital assets uses Amazon Simple Storage Services (Amazon S3), which is internet storage designed to improve web-scale computing. The processing of digital assets uses Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), which is designed to increase computing capacity to improve web application performance.
Moving Collective to the Cloud
At the present time, Widen stores all digital asset previews and embed links derivatives for images, audio, video and PDF documents in the cloud. Near term plans include transitioning all converted files to the AWS cloud so that when users download assets, they will be pulling from AWS. Longer term goals include moving all clients’ asset uploads to AWS for storage and processing. 
Benefits of Using AWS
By leveraging Amazon Web Services, Widen is able to offer clients increased performance, scalability, security and cost-effectiveness, including:
  • Greater ability to increase data storage for all clients
  • Run more file processors for assets to upload and convert/transcode faster
  • Have immediate access to new hardware in the event of hardware failure
  • Utilize AWS redundant storage policies for backup purposes
Contact us to learn more about Widen's use of cloud computing resources.
What's the big deal about embed links?
Widen is doing some pretty cool things to help online marketers leverage the power of their web-based digital asset library! Between the "One Internet, One File" philosophy of digital asset embed links and the new "publish videos to YouTube" feature, busy marketing people can save a heck of a lot of time and headaches as they work to maximize the usage of digital assets while managing brand compliance.
Digital Asset Embed links allow your web visitors to instantly connect with your most current digital assets because you have ultimate control over the display of assets within your Widen DAM. Every time a page loads that contains the embedded link in the page's source code, data is immediately transferred from the Widen DAM system using AWS cloud computing to the online destination. 
This screen capture shows the embed link of a video asset sized to fit the Widen blog. To publish the video to our blog and website, simply copy/paste of the embed code in the html.
Widen Digital Asset Embed Links Screenshot
See where the video is posted on the Widen Website and Widen DAM Blog.
Want to see more Widen video embed links in action? Watch our customer interviews.

For More Information: 

Visit the Webpage about Digital Asset Embed Links
Watch the Widen Video on the Embed Links Presentation
Read the Widen Blog Post on One Internet, One File
Read the Widen Blog Post on Embed Links for PDF Documents
Want to see how Embed Links works behind the scenes? Request a Demo

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