Video Conversions: What a time saver!

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I was listening to the radio, and on came the Big n' Rich song, "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" ........well, back to that in a minute.

As I have spent most of my post collegiate working daze as a corporate video guy, I can confidently say that too much of my time consisted of fielding requests from sales and marketing people to find an old video that we did umpteen months ago and convert it to a windows media file for a presentation. An hour later, the task of finding this 5 minute video, converting it, and getting it back to the sales person is finished. Now I can get back to what I was supposed to be doing. Jot that one down on the timecard as "non-billable." A month later, a different sales person requests the same video, but wants it in quicktime to send to a mac-based client. Repeat process....again, non-billable time.

A digital asset management system can not only free up my time by allowing the sales and marketing department to search for their own video, but more importantly, the transcoding features of a DAM system, like Widen's, allows them to instantly request the video in the desired format....whether it be Quicktime, Windows Media, Flash....etc. I had the luxury of working for companies that had internal video departments. Obviously, not all companies have this internal resource, and can rack up quite a large bill sending out for these types of services.

The job of an internal video department is to create videos promoting the company and it's products and services. I would be willing to bet all of my lunch money that most of these people spend more time "rendering" than they do "creating." While rendering comes with the territory, the amount of it can be greatly reduced by allowing a DAM system to do the tedious task of rendering multiple versions.

....back to the radio. while I was listening to the song, I kept thinking, "Save a Video Editor, Ride a DAM system." It may not top the billboard charts, but you get the point.

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