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WatchGuard Solves Challenges of Supporting Hundreds of Global Teams and Partners

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WatchGuard is a company that’s more than nice to have around. For over 20 years, they’ve provided simple, smart solutions that have taken the world of cyber security by storm. Backed by big-data visibility, their products and services help businesses of all sizes feel confident that their network and WiFi are safe and secure from the villains and perpetrators of cyberspace. But, like all superheroes, WatchGuard’s success was not without a few challenges (and victories) of their own.

Battling more than cyberspace: The challenge

WatchGuard is a global company. This means, aside from having teams and offices around the world, they have hundreds of dispersed partners that resell and distribute their products. And, since WatchGuard’s success is largely dependent on that of their internal team and partners, they do everything in their power to support this ecosystem. Whether providing 24/7 support, sales collateral, brand assets, or educational materials, WatchGuard works hard to deliver the right content. But, according to Cortney Herten, creative manager at WatchGuard, this created content-management challenges:

  1. Organization: With such scale, it was nearly impossible for WatchGuard to keep their growing library of digital assets organized.
  2. Distribution: Only Cortney and a few others had access to WatchGuard’s server, so pulling, formatting, and sending digital assets to colleagues and partners fell entirely on them. And, with different time zones, they struggled to get everyone what they needed, when they needed it.
  3. Localization: WatchGuard made digital assets available in six different languages, including English. While this helped establish them as a global leader, it also further complicated logistics.

Call in the reinforcement: The solution

WatchGuard couldn’t keep up with the inefficiencies of maintaining their global network. So, in 2015 they partnered with our team at Widen to tackle their content-management problems once and for all. Using our digital asset management (DAM) solution, the Widen Collective®, WatchGuard forever changed the way they organize, distribute, and localize their content via:

  1. Self-service access: By giving their marketing teams access to the Collective, WatchGuard empowered people to search for and find assets all on their own! Plus, with version control, teams no longer had to worry about having the latest or “right” digital assets.
  2. Multilingual portals: It was cost-prohibitive to give hundreds of partners access to the Collective. Instead, WatchGuard used Portals, or DAM microsites, to curate and distribute digital assets to each region, in the language they needed.
  3. Integrations: WatchGuard has a website that they use to provide resellers with valuable resources. Using our API integration, WatchGuard enabled this site with search functionality that directly references the Collective. This not only saves them time but allows teams to pull content from a “single source of truth,” safeguarding against incorrect or out-of-date assets.

The heroes prevail: The results

WatchGuard now houses 100 percent of their final digital assets in the Collective. As a result, they have the organization, version control, and efficiency they needed. Regardless of location or language, WatchGuard teams and partners receive the support they need to succeed - Take that cyber villains! And while there are still more insights to gain, WatchGuard has a better understanding of which content people download. They now rely on fact (not spidey sense) when deciding which digital assets to repurpose, retire, update or emulate. Ultimately, in the Widen Collective, WatchGuard found the support they need to power their global presence. In the words of Cortney, “If we didn’t have Widen, we’d be in big trouble.”

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