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We have the happiest DAM customers and we can prove it – Again

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Over the last few years we have published the results of our annual customer satisfaction survey.  We continue to do this for the following reasons; 1) to support our claims that great service differentiates Widen from its competitors, 2) to communicate to the market of potential buyers that they should clearly understand what their total experience will be with a particular vendor, and 3) to challenge competitors in the digital asset management space to reveal how satisfied their customers really are compared to Widen customers.
For the 2013 survey, we asked many of the same questions as previous years.  We continue to use a 5-point scale (5 being extremely satisfied, and 1 being extremely dissatisfied) inviting customers to respond to questions about their product and service experience with Widen.  
Comparing 2012 and 2013, Widen increased across the board.  A table is below for a convenient comparison.  The percentages listed in these columns are for those responding with a 4 or 5.
  2012 2013
Respondents  191 247
Overall Service Experience 87.4% 94.8%
Overall Product Performance 83.2% 91.8%


One of the areas of this year’s survey we are most proud of is our Net Promoter Score. It’s based on a single question that helps us understand how loyal our customers are: “How likely are you to recommend us to a colleague?”
We have talked about our customer loyalty in terms of our Net Promoter Score since 2011.  In 2010, we used an elementary yes or no scoring method and just asked customers if they would recommend Widen to other organizations.  Although that response was a favorable 99%, we knew we needed to dive deeper into that loyalty, which is why we switched to using the Net Promoter Score in 2011.
In another comparison table, our historical net promoter score calculations include the amount of respondents, the percentage of promoters (responding 9 or 10), the percentage of detractors (responding 6 or less), and the net promoter score (promoters minus detractors). 
  2011 2012 2013
Respondents  119 191 247
Promoters 43% 49% 73%
Detractors 16% 16% 4%
Net Promoter 27% 33% 69%


This is a great indicator that Widen customers are becoming more loyal.  Just coming off a fabulous 2013 Widen User Summit and the development velocity of our 7.0 release, we are excited to continue monitoring our key customer metrics to determine areas of strength and areas we can improve upon.
In a nutshell, customers communicate that their experience with our DAM system and our service team have improved.  Our loyalty indicator shows customers are more willing to recommend Widen.  The training we provide employees, the Widen user summit, expectations management throughout the procurement cycle, an agile development process, honest messaging, delivering on what we say we will, and great people are just a few reasons why we are seeing these results.  
Most importantly, we are determining the organizations that fit our environment and the organizations that don’t.  After a few decades in the DAM space, we might have learned a few things about onboarding a customer for the sake of getting new business and onboarding a new customer because we know we can help.
Are other digital asset management providers operating at the Widen level?  It’s up to the buyer to ask the right questions to determine if the DAM vendor they are entertaining can deliver.  One recommended question those buyers should ask is, “Can I expect from you what Widen has proven to provide?”, followed shortly thereafter by, “And if so, please provide that evidence.”
This Widen logo is made up of 141 comments from our 2013 Customer Satisfaction Survey, 10 of which include the word "love"
This Widen logo is made up of 141 comments from our 2013 Customer Satisfaction Survey, 10 of which include the word "love".

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