We set the DAM software standard for customer satisfaction (and we don't mind bragging just a little)

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Widen Digital Asset Management Customer "SaaSisfaction"We continue to hammer on the importance of customer satisfaction in the digital asset management market by publishing our customer survey results year after year.  This is primarily so prospective customers can see what it’s like to work with us before they sign up.  It’s also hard to get data about other DAM providers to see how you are doing in the competitive landscape, so we publish this so that other DAM providers can establish a target for best practices in loyalty, service, and product performance.

“How arrogant of you to think of yourself as the standard bearers in the DAM industry for loyalty, service, and product performance. I mean, you have the evidence and all, but really,” says nobody.  In response to the phantom, I say, “We believe that anyone purchasing digital asset management deserves the best experience possible and we know we cannot serve 100 percent of the market demand. So the 1 percent that doesn’t fit the Widen DAM model should at least use someone almost as good as Widen.”

Let’s take a sneak peek into customer loyalty from 191 responses, which is measured using Net Promoter Score (NPS) by asking how likely it is you would recommend Widen. 

  • Our jump in NPS from 27 to 33 was a direct result of building more promoters within our customer base.
  • We advanced from 43 percent promoters in 2011 to 49 percent promoters in 2012, a result of our service model strengthening and the great direction of our product strategy.

Next, let’s take a look at feedback on the overall experience with Widen that was taken from 191 responses.

  • 87.4 percent of customers responded that they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the service experience.
  • 0.5 percent responded that they were dissatisfied with the service experience.

Although we have an industry best in customer satisfaction at 87.4 percent, we are continuing to work on advancing our customer satisfaction levels through improved user experiences, educational sessions, and access to subject matter expertise.

Customers were also asked how satisfied they were with the overall product performance.

  • 83.2 percent of customers responded that they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the product performance
  • 3.7 percent of customers were dissatisfied with product performance, while 0.5 percent said they were very dissatisfied

The 4.2 percent dissatisfied or very dissatisfied in product performance were engaged immediately to discover that they are seeking some new features on our 2013 roadmap, a few were unhappy with speed issues related to internet connectivity. Others had encountered bugs that were fixed immediately, but still resulted in dissatisfied score (and rightfully so).

We have more incredible things planned for 2013 that will increase satisfaction, service and product performance. We know this because our leading indicators, our employment culture, our innovation, our operations, and our service processes are moving closer to target because of the initiatives that our managers have implemented. And the satisfaction levels of our employees are increasing.

How about another opportunity to flaunt how awesome the Widen experience is for customers?  OK then!

The satisfaction levels of our marketing, sales, development, quality assurance, project management, help desk, and customer development teams, are leading indicators of the customer experience.

In our 2012 employee survey, 95.5 percent of employees responded that they were either satisfied or very satisfied with Widen as a place to work and none (0, zilch, nada) responded that they were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied.

The benefit of this for customers is simple: happier employees make better stuff that makes customers happier. The benefit of this for competitors is that you have another best practices benchmark in employee satisfaction.  When is the last time you measured how satisfied your employees were and what did you do about it?  

“Again, how arrogant of you to think of yourself as a best practices place to work, I mean, even though you have the evidence, again, it still sounds like you’re bragging about yourself and assuming you are the best,” says nobody again.

To them I say, “We are proud of our employees, the best of Widen is all of us; contributions of every member of the team goes into each release, every product, every customer experience. If you’re not measuring employee satisfaction and doing anything to change it, then we’ll gladly hire your best employees. They can send resumes to matthewg@widen.com.”

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