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The Things You Can Do With Web DAM

Managing digital assets with a web DAM system offers a certain amount of versatility and agility benefits that are hard to find with installed software or other basic DAM systems that use in-house file sharing. Some of the reasons why marketing teams should look to managing digital assets with web DAM solutions are:

Store huge libraries of assets online with web DAM – This is a perennial strong point of digital asset management software that uses cloud computing resources to host assets. The demand for viewing online videos and ease in distributing high resolution images just about guarantees rapid growth of digital asset libraries. That would be fine with hosting on in-house servers if those assets were small but since they tend to all be large, local storage and bandwidth gets eaten up like hot cakes at a breakfast buffet.

If hosting assets on in-house servers isn't a problem at first, it won't take long for issues to show up and they will be pretty obvious. The network will be running slower than normal, work will become far more frustrating, and the stress will be apparent in the faces of your IT guys. Keep everyone's blood pressure low and make work a smooth and productive process by keeping that huge, memory eating bunch of assets out of the house. They will be available at all locations at all hours and will also be easier to download.

Web DAMHave more control over assets with web DAM – Keeping that library of digital marketing materials on third party servers also makes them easier to manage compliance with the help of governance controls. However, the biggest amount of control over assets comes from the way that digital assets are organized within web DAM systems. Assets are categories and grouped according to different file-level controls. This is followed by setting up different levels of user access with roles and permissions. Administrators that use web DAM are afforded access to all marketing materials and it is they who decide which users should have access to various groups of assets. This makes it far less likely for users to bring marketing materials into play that shouldn't be used because they take away from branding, don't demonstrate a return, or are meant for another region. As videos, images, logos and other assets either prove their worth or demonstrate their failure, administrators can add or remove them from the web DAM solution with ease.

Creative freedom for marketers with web DAM without compromising branding – Considering the high degree of control over marketing materials afforded by a web DAM system, it might seem that this would be a contradiction. In reality, though, marketers and sales channels who use the web DAM solution end up having a fair amount of creative freedom with the digital assets they are allowed to use. The degree of creative freedom of course depends upon management but in general, even though web DAM users can't have access to every asset in the system, they can still customize the assets available to them for localized situations. This provides a means of adapting to local marketing needs without taking away from branding because every asset used will have been authorized to boost the branding initiatives of the corporate campaign.

Leave the heavy lifting up to the experts – With web DAM systems, management of servers and infrastructure for hosting digital assets and programs for organizing them is carried out by the experts who developed the DAM software. This leaves the web DAM software in the hands of the people who are most capable of keeping it running at its highest capacity. It also ensures that administrators aren't wasting their precious time on management of the web DAM software instead of focusing on far more productive core tasks. A smoothly running web DAM system will also make sure that system users are working at their highest levels of productivity.

Reduce overhead costs with web DAM – Another feature that is especially applicable to marketing companies is the ability to use it as a virtual office. It won't entirely remove the need for office space but a web DAM system does make it feasible for marketing teams to work with digital assets and carry out Internet based marketing campaigns from anywhere in the world. Since this includes their own living rooms, it opens up the possibility of working from there instead of from an office beleaguered with overhead costs.

Web DAM is an easy to use, essential means for managing digital assets. Request your live product demo to see the Widen web DAM solution in action.

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