We’re Blowing Out Candles and Taking Names...

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Mark Pajari, Widen Color Manager

Wow!  Widen is 60 years old this year.  Many graphic communications companies have come and gone in that time.  Often, the reason many companies go out of business is that they fail to change.  Conversely, some companies change too fast.  Change for the sake of change is usually never good.  Widen has been successful by staying on the leading edge of technology, making sound business decisions - diversifying our services, and employing some of the best minds in the industry.  If you don’t maintain dedicated, talented people on your floor, you won’t last.

Which made me wonder if there are other notable people that are celebrating their 60th birthday that have at one time worked in the graphic communication business.  I started to do a little digging, and here is what I found out...

Samuel L. Jackson – December 21, 1948
Way before he played Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction, Jackson worked in the marketing department at McDonald’s Corporation where he came up with the print campaign for the “Royale with Cheese” burger.

Terry Bradshaw – September 2, 1948
Shortly after joining the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1970, Bradshaw jokingly ripped off the number 12 on his jersey, stitched on the number 15, and replaced “Bradshaw” with “Starr” on the back of his jersey.  Little did he know, this act would become the model for Widen’s own digital sampling technique where we create many different versions of jerseys from one piece of apparel.

Teller – February 14, 1948
In 1974, Teller, from the illusionist team of Pen and Teller, was fired from a prepress services job at the Kankakee (IL) Tribune for talking too much on his 3rd shift job of making Dylux proofs.

Olivia Newton-John – September 26, 1948
In 1969, back when she was known only as Olivia Newton, Newton worked for the Nabisco company where she proofread packages of Fig Newtons.

Todd Rundgren – June 22, 1948
In 1973, Rundgren was litho stripper at Big AL’s Litho in Butte, Montana.  One day he got up and said “I don’t want to work.  I just want to bang on the drum all day.”  He was let go immediately, and the rest is history.

Ted Lange – January 5, 1948
Before he became known as “Isaac the bartender” on ABC’s “The Love Boat,” Lange worked as a DAM tour guide at Hoover DAM.  This was before DAM SaaS.

Stevie Nicks – May 26, 1948
Before she joined Fleetwood Mac, Nicks was an animator for Universal Studios. It was there that her silky, gravely voice would eventually land her a job as the voice of the popular cartoon character, “Popeye.”

Prince Charles – November 14, 1948
Chuck once flipped through a Lillian Vernon catalog printed at a Quad Graphics plant in Saratoga Springs, NY, stopping for a moment on the page showing an oversized pair of red musical earmuffs that played “God Save the Queen” for $19.99. 
Michael Richards – July 23, 1948
Richards is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Cosmo Kramer on NBC’s “Seinfeld” from 1989-1998.  He also is known for his outburst during a comedy routine in 2006.  Richards is now a door-to-door Digital Asset Management salesman on the north side of Scranton, PA.

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