We're Just a Bunch of Beavers

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We all know beavers build Digital Asset Management systems, right?

Beavers are best known for their natural trait of building dams in rivers and streams. In our case, the rivers and streams are the flow of marketing materials to and from Marketing, Sales, engineering, development, production...

They are essentially aquatic in their habits, never traveling by land unless driven by necessity. The days of film negatives and video tapes shipped via overnight carrier are long past for us. With storage and bandwidth prices continually falling, we much rather "travel" our Marketing assets via the internet.

The beaver works as a keystone species in an ecosystem by creating wetlands that are used by many other species. A keystone species affects many other organisms in an ecosystem and helps to determine the types and numbers of various others species in a community. Such an organism plays a role in its ecosystem that is analogous to the role of a keystone in an arch. While the keystone feels the least pressure of any of the stones in an arch, the arch still collapses without it. Digital asset management solutions, once implemented, becomes a keystone resource for corporate image libraries, video asset management. Remove it, and it collapses.

Beavers always work at night and are prolific builders. They can rebuild damaged dams overnight. There is nothing like having a team of beavers always working on making sure your DAM is up and running strong. Maybe we can rename it BaaS instead of SaaS?

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Widen Wins "Best Digital Asset Management Platform (DAM)" at ClickZ Marketing Technology Awards

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