What a Widen digital asset management sandbox is all about

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As prospective customers work through the DAM evaluation process with Widen’s Advisor team, eventually it gets to a point in the process where you may just want to get your hands on the system and try it out for yourself! This can be an extremely valuable proof source during your evaluation, and the Advisor team encourages you to have this direct experience of interacting with the Widen Media Collective.

For this reason, Advisors can create a sandbox for you, which is a free 2-week trial and a live site for you to test the Widen DAM solution using your own assets and inviting other stakeholders to confirm, first hand, Widen’s capabilities and ease of use. The list of included features, configuration points and governance options is lengthy and robust. While the sandbox is not meant to reproduce a full production site, you’ll be able to test virtually all available features. Starting out in your sandbox, you’ll have a couple of user roles, a basic metadata schema, upload and approval workflows, notifications and sharing permissions with users and non-users alike. More advanced governance, role permissions and custom metadata fields can be enabled by your Advisor, with some orientation.

It is quite easy to get excited in the sandbox, and contemplate inviting in dozens of users and uploading hundred or thousands of assets. Testing is best conducted with a small, core group of stakeholders and a few dozen or a few hundred assets.  

Watch this video to learn more about the Widen sandbox opportunity.

Steps to use your Sandbox:

1. Your Advisor will setup your sandbox and send you an email with a link and registration information.

2. Register for the site by filling out the fields.

3. Log into the site.

4. Play around with different functions using your own assets, including: uploading, editing, downloading, and searching.

5. Follow the guided tour, read the instructions in the system message, or click on Support to learn more.

6. Follow up with your Advisor with any questions or comments, or to request additional permissions. 

...and HAVE FUN!

Get in touch with the Widen Advisors to learn more about the sandbox opportunity.

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