“What are you grappling with?” Making a case for DAM.

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You know who you are… You’re in the trenches just trying to put in a fair day’s work and make an honest living.  You’re trying to keep up with the status quo.  In tough economic times, you don’t need to do anything to stand out.  You don’t want to ask for the money or waste the time looking for some empty software box with no clear-cut ROI.  You’re okay with the small battles, occasional fires and tedious, redundant processes… why change if that’s the way it’s always been – right?  

I didn’t think so - that’s not good enough.

You’re the ambassador of your digital media embassy and you deserve better.

Where do you keep all that stuff?  Your images and videos (and the rest of the materials that are the lifeblood of your sales and marketing efforts).

Are they easily accessible?
Are they scattered?
Are you in control? 
Are your field reps using the most recent version?
Is time on your side or is the current process winning?
Are marketing and sales on separate islands?
Are you recreating lost files that you know are out on some server?
Are the emails in your inbox asking for a photo of that one image from last season’s whatever taking focus off the projects you really want to work on?

If so, you’re grappling… you’re battling the status quo and change is essential. 

Experience an ROI and live an ROE – return on expectations.  When was the last time you made a business decision that you were 100% satisfied with?

You know what Dr. DAM would prescribe.  A recent testimonial from a DAM user basically says it all:  "Wow, I really like this. I just go out there and bing, bing, bing, I'm done."

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