What Have Vendors Got to Hide?

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Guest Blog Post from Sean Banahan, Widen Sales Executive

Have you noticed how hesitant most enterprise digital asset management vendors are to actually let potential customers see their products?  We have found that more and more customers are showing an interest in really digging in when evaluating our rich media management solutions and services.  By now, DAM is becoming a familiar term and most marketers and creatives have had at least some experience with one platform or another.  They no longer need some slick salesman to dazzle them with pretty features and explain what benefits a DAM solution brings to the table.  Nowadays they want to get right in there and start playing with the tool right away like they can with many simple on-demand departmental systems.  We love to hear that.  It’s one of those indicators that speaks of how much DAM has grown as an industry.  Widen lets our prospective clients create their own accounts on demo sites so they can start evaluating the system from day one if they so choose.  With Widen it isn’t about getting you to sign the contract, then walking the other direction with a laugh and an evil grin.  We don’t even make our customer sign long term contracts so you won’t ever feel locked into Widen as your provider.  As a DAM SaaS provider, we try to earn your business each month.
With other enterprise digital asset software providers it seems to be a different story.  I keep hearing tales of customers that have been told by providers that their DAM systems need to be configured first, people need to be trained, sites need to be branded and on and on.  They never want you to actually see their solution unsupervised.  It makes you wonder how an actual implementation is going to go if they can’t even configure a simple demo site for people to explore at length.  Maybe they are frightened of their own application’s pitfalls and shortcomings.  Maybe they just don’t want to waste the time with someone who hasn’t committed yet.  I once heard a sales rep say he wouldn’t give more than three meetings or presentations to any one prospective customer.  Maybe they think the customer isn’t savvy enough.  I don’t know. 

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