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What is “The Widen Experience?”

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A Google search for “digital asset management” will give you hundreds of vendors. Where do you start? Which vendor has what you need? What makes Widen different than other software solution providers? Why should I choose Widen? Our advisors field these questions every day, and our marketing team wanted to help answer them too. So, we embarked on a journey to capture the Widen Experience:

We began by searching for a powerful analogy that would allow people to “feel” the answer to these big questions. Before long, the concept of a “piano” became the center of conversation.

Perhaps your family, or a family you knew growing up, had purchased a piano with the intent, hope, or dream that a family member would learn to play it.

In some cases, the intent is fulfilled. A child had the interest, the enthusiasm, the proper training, and the time to practice the art of music. The child and the piano go on to bring joy to the family and everyone that listens.

In other cases, the piano sits idle. Perhaps the child had lacked interest, proper training, or time to dedicate to practicing. The piano becomes a very expensive piece of furniture.

What is the difference between the piano that is used to make beautiful music and the piano that becomes a piece of furniture? What is the difference between the Widen Collective and other DAM providers? There are most likely differences in features, pricing, and user interface. But, for argument's sake, let’s say that all DAM systems have similar features and functionality (just as all pianos have 88 keys). What then makes Widen different?

We, and our happy customers, feel the answer to that question are all the things that allowed that first child to become a concert pianist.

The answer is interest, enthusiasm, training and support – the things that empower a child to become a concert pianist. We offer our customers what they need to grow from DAM initiates to DAM masters. 


We’ve been doing DAM since 1996. We built it. We’re not reselling software created by someone else. THIS IS WHAT WE DO EVERY DAY!


We believe that DAM is the center of the content marketing universe. The content train doesn’t move without it. If it somehow does move, it will derail without DAM. We live and breathe this and constantly research ways to make DAM better.

Training and Support

Take a look at our Widen Summit and the experiences we create to help customers reach their DAM potential. Our dedicated Customer Experience Management (CXM) teams and Widen University trainers are constantly reaching out to our customers. Through training, implementation, launch day, and beyond, our teams work with customers to ensure that Widen Collective exceeds all expectations.

Widen shares in the risk of your DAM investment. It shows in quick and thoughtful answers from our advisors and CXMs. It shows in the dedication of our UX and product teams researching and improving our solution. It shows in our training platform, networking events, workshops, and summit. It shows in our happy customers. It shows in our happy employees. And it shows because that is the way we are built. We stand by the Widen Experience.

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