What makes all digital asset management projects the same?

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What makes all digital asset management projects the same?We take a lot of notes when talking with teams who are just starting out on their digital asset management journey, covering where they’ve been, where they want to go, and then helping them define how DAM can get them there. Although each is unique is its own way, the most interesting part is that the things that marketers, creatives, and IT project managers are asking for during these consultations really boil down four simple goals: 
1. Access (anytime, anywhere, permission-based): Creative teams, channel partners and other marketing workgroups don't have access to the digital assets they need for their projects. You need something that is secure, permission-based and accessible by internal and external teams not just when you're available, but at any time and from anywhere. 
2. Organization & search: Assets are neither organized nor searchable, thus hours per week are wasted by you and your teams to find the right images, video, etc.  You need to consolidate all files, remove duplicates, make sure only approved and correct files are available, and of course, cut time as much as possible to find those files. 
3. Flexibility in formats: One person needs format A and another format B. You're constantly converting files upon request.  It would be nice to have something that converts to any format, on-the-fly and is self-serving for the project owner. 
4. Simple distribution & sharing: Once you find them, how do you get them to right appropriate people? Your methods of distribution and sharing are limited to emailing (usually too large to send) or you’re using a combination of other web services like Dropbox and the like. You want something simpler, more controlled and the ability to deliver of large formats and bulk files immediately, not sometime later.
I’m sure most, if not all of the above criteria generally fit with what you’re looking for.  If you’ve got something different that continues to be a core need for DAM, add it to the comments and let’s see who else can relate to your challenge and how it can be it overcome.   
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