What would life at Yankee Candle be like without a Widen digital asset management system?

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There are a handful of topics we like to cover every time we do a video interview with one of our digital asset management software customers. 

  • What are your thoughts on Widen’s customer service?
  • Would you recommend Widen DAM?
  • What kind of feedback have you gotten from your users and customers?

One of our favorites, though, calls for a bit of informed speculation: What would life at your organization be like without Widen DAM?

See, it can be hard for someone exploring DAM for the first time to understand the value it would bring to their organization. Where would the savings be? Will it really make things as smooth as the people here at Widen say it will?

But once you’ve lived both with and without an effective DAM system in place, you know exactly what the difference is. Most recently, we spoke with Lisa Gauvin of Yankee Candle.

“I like to talk a lot about our image request process because that's where the Widen DAM had the biggest effect for Yankee Candle,” said Gauvin. “Prior to DAM, our independent retailers would submit an image request to their sales representative and their sales representative would submit image request to the marketing team... All-in-all, it took about 15 days for a customer to request images from us for all of their various marketing needs.”

15 days is a very, very long time. And yet, that’s pretty typical for many organizations without robust digital asset management solutions. Think about it. Between request and fulfillment, a lot has to happen.

First, you’ve got to establish whether the person making the request should even get what they’re asking for. Maybe they shouldn’t have access to the images, videos and other media they’re looking to use.

Then you’ve got to find the goods. Depending on how your organization stores and manages its digital media, this could take a while. Sometimes it’s all on one hard drive. Other times it’s scattered about on various storage media like external drives, DVDs, tapes, and others.

Once that’s done, you need to ensure the asset is in the proper format. Is the end user going to use it in print? Web? If it’s a video, what quality do they need, and what kinds of devices will the content be viewed on.

Then of course, there’s delivery of the asset. If it’s a large enough file, you might not be able to start that upload at any time.

Thankfully, Yankee Candle has found that Widen DAM software speeds things along quite nicely.

“It takes about two minutes for the customer to log onto the DAM, search for the image that they are looking for, download the image to their local desktop in the proper file format that they require it in, and then use it and implement it wherever they want to...whether it's on their website or in their marketing collateral,” said Gauvin.

Hear more of what Gauvin had to say about what life would be like at Yankee Candle without Widen:

Lisa Gauvin of Yankee Candle on life without Media Collective digital asset management

So what might your life be like with Widen supporting your marketing and creative workflows? Talk to one of our DAM advisers to get a better sense of what your needs are, where DAM fits, and whether Widen Media Collective would be the best solution for your organization.

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