What You See Is What You Get

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Guest Blog Post from Amanda Jenny, Widen Client Services Assistant, about digital sampling, a specialized prepress service from Widen’s color management and prepress services side.

We all have seen that now infamous picture of Lee Harvey Oswald, standing in his backyard with a gun in one hand and a newspaper in the other.  The photograph is said to be faked, photocomposed and not authentic.  But is it? Back before the day of Adobe Photoshop this seemed to be almost impossible.  But with today’s technology, altering photographs is a constant norm in our industry.  So you really can’t believe what you see, making that Oswald photo very easy to bunk.
With that thought in mind, we here at Widen alter, fake and photocompose photos on a daily basis.  Just how do we go about digitally altering photos for our clients?  Well, let’s kind of do a fast overview of the process. 
Reebok will design products for each sports team.  It’s our job to bring those images to life in the digital world.  An example of our image work can be found pretty much all over the internet. 

The images on NFLShop.com are a good example of the digital wizardry we do here.

Which brings us back to that Oswald photo, you can’t believe everything you see.  Each and every one of our photos is faked to appear real.  That Brett Favre jersey we see on the net is not real.  It is digitally created to look real! 

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