What’s love got to do with it? Zoosk says DAM!

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Zoosk's DAMster interview

Katherine Knight is responsible not only for marketing but also for the love lives of hundreds of thousands of relationships all over the world. As director of marketing at Zoosk, a leading online global dating platform in over 80 countries, her work powers a platform that over 33 million people rely on to find true love. She oversees all of Zoosk’s digital marketing and advertising and uses the Widen Collective to house all of their creative assets.

Under Katherine, Zoosk manages over fifteen thousand ads that have over 10 million impressions every day. “That’s a lot of eyeballs,” Katherine says. Because of this, they’re very aware of their creative assets and brought in the Widen Collective to help manage the creation and distribution of them.

Prior to having the Widen Collective, Katherine outlines some of their pain points dealing with digital assets. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they struggled with having files stored in different places.Files weren’t searchable, much of them were outdated, and there was uncertainty about where they were used and if they were successful. She also calls out an issue that is specific to their business, and that is the ability to eliminate assets that should no longer be used. She says it was “much more difficult than it should have been.” This was the moment she decided to search for a solution.

Now, it’s much easier for Katherine and her staff to search for and find what they’re looking for. They have the ability to tag assets with useful information such as what it’s being used for, where it’s being used, and how it’s performing. They also wanted to have a tool to use for review and approval, with the ability to communicate back and forth about requested changes, and have a record of what was said.

Zoosk's DAMser Interview

Zoosk recently went through a rebrand, which can put incredible stress on a marketing director. While the marketing department is usually very involved with the process, and know which assets to no longer user, it can be extremely difficult to make sure an entire organization that has a presence in over 80 countries has that same level of awareness. Katherine says the Widen Collective is “a way for me to know that we’re representing the brand in that way that we wanted to.”

It’s funny to hear Katherine simply say “I’m fine with it” when referring to the Widen Collective. Admittedly, we’re usually hoping for a juicier compliment, but when you dig into this further, you realize that this alone has tremendous value to an organization. This is amplified when you look at how it used to be, and also when you realize how important creative assets are to Zoosk’s business model. The Widen Collective is a trusted tool which helps Katherine and her team refocus their time and resources on creating new and better creative, and less time on worrying about where to find things. She “knows they are” getting what they need.

Is it possible for two apps to fall in love with each other?

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