“What’s new in 6.2” Widen Collective Webinar Recap

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Josey and I hosted a webinar yesterday covering the new features in version 6.2 of the Widen Media Collective Digital Asset Management solution. Among the new features covered were the basics of Analytics, PDF Exports, the new Widen partnership with ConceptShare, and a look ahead at what to expect with version 6.3 in early 2013. You can view the webinar recording here.

One of the most notable new things in 6.2 is the release of Widen Analytics, which provides digital asset management administrators a more efficient way for measuring activity to gain valuable market insights and determine future budget and resource allocation.

The new Widen Analytics app provides dashboards for storage, users, asset counts and orders. Widen Analytics helps marketing and creative decision-makers better understand popular asset types and key user groups to concentrate on.

Three specific dashboards worth pointing out for site managers include:

1. Storage by File Type – This is useful for site storage maintenance to understand what file type or what specific files within that file type are comprising the most storage.

2. Asset Status – This allows you to watch your Pending Delete and Unreleased queues. Having too many unreleased assets likely means a large portion of your users aren't finding valuable assets (or you’re really good at planning ahead). Your assets in the Pending Delete bucket can affect your storage costs. For some, it’s worth the peace of mind knowing that data is recoverable, but it’s worth knowing what’s there and if any clean-up is needed.

3. Asset Orders by Users and Filenames – Monitoring site usage via asset orders can be very useful. Are the power users placing the most orders who you expect them to be? What assets are most popular and, within that, what conversion formats are most popular. Come back here often as you try to promote specific assets and collections.

Widen Analytics Dashboard

Bonus Tips!

Get to know your top users by name if you don’t already as they’re a great source for more qualitative intel. Need to quantify your DAM ROI to your top management? The Asset Counts and Asset Orders by date charts make for some impressive visuals.

During the webinar, we also provided a brief look at the kinds of complementary insights the Google Analytics profiles within Collective DAM software sites can bring to your organization. 

You can get a better understanding for how users are searching your digital asset library and what they’re searching for by comparing top quick searches and top category searches. 

The user insights complement the user login dashboards from Widen Analytics by telling you absolute unique visitors, pageviews, time on site and new visits. The map overlay can provide some fascinating displays of where your users are coming from.

We’re also tracking analytics on popular browsers & operating systems, screen resolutions and mobile devices to help us guide product roadmap decisions. You can use this data to better understand your userbase and what to develop as well. 

We’d love to compare notes with any other analytics junkies out there so feel free to contact us!

Request a demo to learn more about Widen Analytics and the other new features in 6.2 of the Widen DAM.

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