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Our theme for the Henry Stewart LA Digital Asset Management Conference in November provided a preview at our new branding coming in early ’09.  Our new tagline… “Empower Your Digital Media.”  What does that mean?  Quite simply, it’s Widen’s mantra of assisting marketing and creative groups in creating, managing and distributing digital media… without having to worry so much about the “technical stuff.”  Widen backs that mantra with 60 years of service supporting creative workflows and marketing operations.

Empower Your Digital Media

To provide a little more background on the value a DAM SaaS provider brings to organizations of all sizes – Widen provides the implementation, training, help desk, user sessions, upgrades, maintenance, integrations and product roadmap.  What’s more, is the Widen difference of having a fully operational premedia division that beta tests our technology before it’s released.  The most important element to the SaaS model is a steady and reputable service level and culture for strong customer support.

I presented “What’s New in DAM SaaS,” which featured a look at two new bits of technology Widen has advanced in support of creative workflows and marketing operations – Appliance and Embed Links.


The first technology piece revisited our theme from Henry Stewart NYC last spring with A New Twist on DAM featuring the Widen Appliance.  The concept of SaaS 2.0 bridges the gap between the web-based model and installed software to provide internal creative staff local access to digital assets. 

In the old way of providing digital media management systems, several organizations operated multiple DAM systems to accommodate the internal and external need for digital assets.  Installed software addressed the internal demand and was controlled by the I.T. department.  Hosted software was used to accommodate the external demand and was usually controlled by the marketing department.

Highlights of DAM as SaaS 2.0:

  • Offers managed services on the client site
  • Accommodates internal and external demand
  • Differs from the traditional hosted, web-based only model
  • Blurs the lines between hosted and installed solutions

Widen Software as a Service

Highlights of the Widen Appliance:

  • On-site hardware/software managed by Widen in tandem with Widen Collective hosted model
  • Fully replicated set of digital assets in different geographic locations support multiple creative operations and enforce business continuity
  • Creative and marketing departments working at network speeds creates efficiencies upstream
  • Web-based model supports global demand for digital media downstream


The second technology unveiling at the DAM conference was a new concept to DAM, showcasing the marketing power of digital asset embed links.  The concept of One Internet – One File replaces the old “download model” of repurposing assets for use in online channels and fosters greater control of images and videos online.  Embed links are particularly focused on infrastructure scalability for online video consumption.

Widen Digital Asset Embed Links

With digital asset embed links, all images and videos placed in the Widen DAM system are assigned a unique identifier – an embed code – to be used in virtually any online channel.  It’s really a quite simple feature, but with tremendous marketing benefits:

  • Repurpose media to online channels on-demand without hassle
  • Manage rights and release dates of media published online
  • Control infrastructure needs and costs associated to demand

If you’re dealing with a large number of files and a widespread network of places these files are published (including channel partner sites) you can see how helpful it is to only maintain one master file in one location.

Highlights of Widen Digital Asset Embed Links:

  • One master repository
  • Dynamic updates to all online channels
  • On-demand infrastructure scalability
  • “Pay for what you use” services
  • Consistent use of assets

To conclude the presentation, I talked about how Software as a Service organizations are responsible for the entire process of making sure your DAM experience is successful.  The software is only a component of the practice.  Implementation, training, integration, help desk, user sessions, maintenance, upgrades, and product planning are all part of the experience.  The underlying belief in SaaS organizations is that the service operates simultaneously with the technology.


Watch videos about how the Widen SaaS model has helped clients achieve their goals with implementation, training, upgrades, scalability and ROI here

Contact jathey@widen.com to receive the slide deck from the presentation “What’s New in DAM SaaS.”

Visit www.damusers.com for more information about Henry Stewart Digital Asset Management Conferences.

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