What’s the Big Deal About Widen25?

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“Widen25” is the new service mantra for Widen Collective digital asset management customers.

As a DAM Software as a Service provider, Widen has always believed that service is just as important as the technology, but now we are putting a number to it. Internally, Widen support has always had rapid response initiatives… Now we are shouting it. And by shouting it we have, in effect, upped the ante.

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Widen25 is a commitment to response times within the various communications methods used by customers and the user community to request assistance from Widen support teams. During expanded Help Desk hours of 7 am to 7 pm CST, the 25 refers to the following three service commitments:

  • 25 seconds from dial to the voice of Widen help desk personnel.
  • 25 seconds from online chat initiation to Widen help desk response.
  • 25 minutes from email inquiry to a Widen help desk reply.

How is it different than what we did before? Quite plainly, it’s a simple way to communicate what we have been doing already, but emphasizes what DAM SaaS customers can expect for chat, email, and phone support.

What is Widen doing differently? Customers now have direct toll free access to the Widen help desk staffed in Madison, WI through a dedicated support line. We’ve increased staffing levels, expanded help desk hours, implemented new processes to advance how we respond to support inquiries, and are recording support calls for team training and quality control purpose. 

We're not guaranteeing a service level... We're making a commitment to response times. Service is a top priority for Widen Digital Asset Management programs.

Widen customers and users of Widen systems are invited to contact the service team using any of the following methods: 

  • Toll Free: 1-877-WIDEN25
  • Online Chat support in the Help/Support section of each customer application
  • Email: Widen25support@widen.com

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