What's your color score?

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Take the Color Challenge

Do you think you have an eye for color?

I don't mean the ability to pick out the right color shirt (blouse) to go with the pants (slacks) that you have on. Or which color soap dish best coordinates with your new shower curtain... You know, the shower curtain in the master bath, with the abstract pattern of sea foam green penguins... Oh, come on... You know, the shower curtain you just bought last month at Bed, Bath and Beyond when you stopped in for a new bottle opener because your neighbor broke your old one on that bottle of home brewed beer he brought over? You know the beer that tasted like hand sanitizer?...Right, right, THAT shower curtain...

Anyway, I'm talking abut the ability to distinguish different colors that look VERY similar to each other. And the ability to go right around the color wheel, placing different colors in the correct order.

Less than .05% of the female population has any problem with color discrimination. With men, that figure shoots up to 8% that have some problem with color perception. It has been said that the other 92% of men just dress that way. But I didn't say that... Okay, technically speaking, I just wrote that. Suffice to say, humans do have different ways of experiencing color. It is for this reason, and because we don't want to create images of orange flesh tones or green meat, that we test everybody at Widen involved with making critical color decisions. We want to be sure they have an eye for color. We do this by administering the Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test (I'll discuss Munsell and Farnsworth in a future blog. I'll bet you can't wait.). We let our competitors hire anyone that does not pass the test.

The Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test

The FM100 Hue Test consists of four trays (each represents one fourth of the color wheel) containing a total of 85 removable color reference caps (incremental hue variation) spanning the visible spectrum. Color vision abnormalities and aptitude are detected by the ability of the test subject to place the color caps in order of hue. It is a challenging test that most people have fun taking. This test is used in many industries and is very effective at identifying anyone that has issues with color.

X-Rite, which owns the Munsell product line, now has an online version of this test that you can take for free! You may have came across this test if you went to the ColorMunki site from my last blog entry.

Go to:  http://www.colormunki.com/article/hue_test

The free online version of the FM100 Hue Test

You will need to enter your email to register before you can take the test. After you think you have all the colors in order, click on Score Test, and it will tell you how well you did, where within the color spectrum you have any color deficiencies, and how well you did compared to others in your demographics. Go ahead, it's fun.

What's your score?


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